RB Leipzig: how the toy of a frisdrankengigant titelkandidaat was

Last year in second class, now at the top of the Bundesliga apart from the great Bayern Munich, the story of RB Leipzig reads like a fairy tale. Though it is, according to some, an artificial fairy tale.

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With 7500 RB-fans they are tonight in Munich, where the champion/leader in the Bundesliga against unexpected medeleider, Rasen Ball Leipzig, last year in second class. If Leipzig wins, trainer Ralph Hasenhüttl re-views on participation in the Champions League, exactly 20 years after he already of the kampioenenbal tasted, when as a striker of SK Lierse.

Ever predicted the wife of the former Austrian international (which he was at Lierse also played for KV Mechelen played soccer) who has never had a topspits was that he would continue to kick as a coach than as a player. That seems to be working. In recent years he allowed himself to notice when he was with the modest Ingolstadt first, the promotion afdwong to the Bundesliga, and then also the team is once again safely parked in the highest division.

With that performance he drew the attention of Ralf Ragnick, sports director of RB Leipzig. He tried the Bike a year and a half ago to wrists as a trainer, but got him when not away. This summer, she succeeded. Hasenhüttl plays the football that Ragnick with all the teams of RB Leipzig imposes, based on the rapid conversion and high pressure.

Local glories

The enthusiastic experience that the stadium of Leipzig, just about at every contest full of runs, such as Sport/Voetbalmagazine during a report for the current track, last weekend against Hertha BSC could determine. A plastic sphere was not the case.

That is the biggest surprise, because when with the support of the group to Red Bull in 2006, a completely new club was founded, did not know whether there is someone sat on to wait. Leipzig already had two big clubs, though now decayed quantities in the DDR days was a huge success, got: Lokomotive Leipzig as Europabekerfinalist against Ajax (in 1987) and Chemie Leipzig as a former DDR-champion. After the Wende played Lokomotive under the name VfB Leipzig one season in the Bundesliga, but then fell two clubs down and followed the corporate failures of each other. Now football both clubs in their original modest and expire stadionnetjes in fourth (Lokomitive) and fifth (Chemistry) department.

Leipzig out of Dusseldorf and Mallorca for a number of reasons: it had a new, modern, as well as empty stadium (Zentralstadion, renovated in 2006 because of the world cup in Germany, but without a player of high level), there was by the far fall of the local glories no competition, and Leipzig is with over 500,000 inhabitants, the tenth city in Germany, with a voetbalhistorie (the German football association was founded, the first German become football champion came from here).


In the rest of Germany came the project of Red Bull on much hampered. It was artificial, contrary to the spirit in which the football in the Bundesliga is run, with homemade clubs, wars of foreign influences. Not for nothing prohibits the rules that football clubs being taken over by foreign investors. At least 51% of the shares must be in the hands of local people, which has been at least 20 years in the private environment have things. That is why Red Bull have to resort to a trick. With the tacit consent of the football federation ‘borrowed’ the license from a vijfdeklasser for two years, making it a go-around could be taken in the fifth section.

The result was that, especially in second class the players of Leipzig in the summer and he taunted and pelted with slogans and projectiles, and that they are almost all uitmatchen in a hostile environment afwerkten, while most of the home games by the visiting fans boycotted.

When the in 2012 Ralf Ragnick took to the athletic policy to the drawing, predicted immediately that the stadium within a few years small. There was even gegrinnikt, with a then average attendance of 7400 viewers. But today, it runs Leipzig and the surrounding area storm, with 20,000 subscribers, and only one match in the Bundesliga that are not completely sold out was because the fans of FC Augsburg match on the ‘plastic’ club boycotted.

‘Founded by miners’

As a reaction to the negative attitude of a part of Germany got Leipzig and the surrounding area over the past two years massively behind the new project. The football fans were tired of only a culture of losing, to cultivate, what with the former greats done. They wanted to re-join in and win, and that will not work with the new club, who are also enthusiastic football produces, brought by young and hungry talent. With an average of slightly more than 23 years of RB Leipzig, the youngest team in the Bundesliga.

A second benefit is the atmosphere around the matches. The fans from the former GDR-were tired of being stuck to sitting with riots and expressions of political radicalism in and around the stadiums. To the home matches of RB Leipzig can you in all the peace and quiet with his wife and children. RB is aiming at families, and bans any form of aggression, to firecrackers and fireworks. This is a Zentralstadion, which, with its 44.000 places now too small.

Gradually growing in the rest of Germany any sympathy for the club which currently is the only state seems to be the powerhouse Bayern Munich the fire to the shins. In addition, the behaviour of a number of other clubs hypocritical. Schalke had his players on the field walking behind a large banner with the text ‘founded by miners’, but is heavily sponsored by Gazprom, the Russian gas supplier.

An East German writer put it as follows: ‘Always has the last 20 years from the west blamed that we don’t understand how that works, capitalism. Now we are finally caught and here is also an example of how that system us better than the competition, it is not good.’

If RB Leipzig the line going, is that the evidence that also in a traditiesport if the football success is feasible provided that the right approach. In a conservative world a brand new project enough enthusiasm to stir up, move elsewhere to make people think.

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