Raymond van het Groenewoud, refused ‘out of recalcitrantie hit play

Raymond van het Groenewoud, who, in 1990, a large number scored out of a Love for Music, and wanted to make this song, sometimes it is not for the public to play with. The lead singer was doing it out of recalcitrantie, because he did not feel comfortable at the Dutch open-air, where he often had to intervene.

In the interview with the NRC handelsblad newspaper says Van het Groenewoud, that the Love for the Music to be a huge success, but that he was not able to enjoy the additional performances in the open-air in the Netherlands.

“Action at the Dutch open-air on a Saturday night, it was, for me, a sort of Satyricon, a waiting room in hell”, says Van het Groenewoud, who, on Friday, February 14, seventy years old. “All of these baldadigheid, all of that, throw in all the food trays full of beer.”

The singer and found this to be degrading. “From the recalcitrantie, I played for the Love of Music is sometimes not at all, much to the chagrin of the crowd. At those stages, I had nothing to look for.”

“That’s where I live and who I am.’

In the theatre it feels like the singer is far more comfortable. “Well, that is, to the Amusement of the Great, to paraphrase, where I live and who I am.”

Van het Groenewoud, who is in Belgium) was born as the son of Dutch parents, and looks up with a warm, loving feeling back in his time, in the city of Amsterdam, where he lived as a child.

“In Amsterdam, I work as a child and been happy. I feel very connected to this city. Therefore, I say no, that there is nothing wrong with Amsterdam. Here, in Bruges, I feel like I am at home, because you are far away from the muzikantenmilieu.”

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