Ratelband calls accusations ex-wife over paternity ‘hallucinations’

Ratelband calls accusations ex-wife over paternity ‘hallucinations’

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Emile Ratelband dissociates itself from the accusations of his ex-wife Moon about the bad treatment of their children. Moon finds that Ratelband paternity cannot submit successfully, but Ratelband doing this off as “hallucinations of the mother”.

That said Ratelband against RTL Boulevard.

On Wednesday it was known that the Child is currently viewing or the children of Ratelband under the supervision. In the report of the Child protection state among other things that Ratelband his 7-year-old son in bare feet over hot coals has run. Itself tells Ratelband there is no harm in that.

“Why not? My son was doing. I had a seminar in Tilburg, the netherlands. He saw two hundred people about the fire walk, and his father also. And when we have together over the fire walked. There was nothing to worry about,” said the 67-year-old media personality.

That the Child protection agency is involved in the situation of his family involves Ratelband not on themselves. “This is not about me, it’s about my children. It is about the functioning of the mother. I see the children almost never,” says Ratelband.

Role In Child Protection

RTL Boulevard states that the ex-wife of Ratelband not only is dissatisfied with the way in which Ratelband paternity is entered, but also the way the Child deals with the situation, and it bothers her.

Moon in 2014 is already on the call have pulled in the organisation about the way in which Ratelband parenthood to fill in. She is of the opinion that the problems about the interpretation of parenting could have been prevented if the Child then immediately intervened.

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