Rapper Rico struggled for years with drug addiction

Rapper Rico struggled for years with drug addiction

Ricardo McDougal, known as half of the duo Rico & Sticks, ended up three times in a rehab for his drug addiction.

In de Volkskrant he says Saturday candid about his struggles with addictive substances.

At age 24, ran the rapper tripping about the streets. He thought it was haunted and called and eventually his mother. “Even though it is strange, because I talked about that kind of things never really with my mother. She said: you have to help search. That’s what I did.”

In the rehab, he was to say almost a psychosis. It took a few years before his addiction was.

“I loved uppers, keep it there but on. Snuifgerei I found delicious,” says McDougal. “Without drugs I couldn’t function. I did not fly the evil, was in the handling of a relaxed guy, but I was secretly kind of behavior, and that was especially in relationships difficult.”

The 36-year-old rapper appeared to ADHD. “My drug use was partly a kind of self-medication, for whom adhd has is quiet of uppers.” He got his third psychiatrist medication against ADHD, and then he could recover.

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