Rapper Jebroer see Jesus as an example

Rapper Jebroer see Jesus as an example

Jebroer, alias Tim Kimman (31), sees Jesus as an example. The rapper coined his stage name even ever as the literal counterpart of Jesus.

“Jesus is a great example of me. How good it is as I remembered it would be as He? Millions of people live according to his way of life. If I ever get that right, I’m off here on earth. Immediately”, says Jebroer in an interview with The Volkskrant.

The rapper this year came into disrepute with his song Child of the Devil. In the predominantly christian sites Hardinxveld-Giessendam and Ouddorp counted the churches, half of its 5,000 euro gage down to him of acting in their communities to dissuade you. According to the churches would Jebroer “God, Jesus and the christian faith” to mock.

In the village of Mijnsheerenland requested the CDA him “strongly” during a dance festival in september, a Child of the Devil to omit.

“You’re not going to determine what an artist should or should not sing. That’s just censorship!”, responding to the rapper in the newspaper on the commotion, which led him ultimately to no avail because explained. Was Jebroer in 2015 and 2016, between one hundred and 120 times booked, this year that 250 shows.


“Hindsight is a Child of the Devil, a gift of god”, thinks the rapper. And that while the number not as a single was referred. “It is coarse, there will be booze and drugs for, and which again have to be on a coffin to be thrown out.” Not something radio stations would like to run, suspected Jebroer.

Yet, all the commotion around the issue of him not quite good. The rapper is rather known for his good songs than the fact that he churches angry. “Maybe I should be a little less about the faith. But this is who I am.”

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