Rapper Ismo sentenced to a fine for insulting rap

Rapper Ismo sentenced to a fine for insulting rap

The Breda-based rapper Ismo should be a fine to pay due to offensive lyrics about homosexuals, and jews in a rap. In the appeal, demanded the Public prosecution service (OM), a fine of 1,500 euros, of which 500 euros is conditional.

Also must be according to the ORDER as a condition be included that the rap one man, one removed from YouTube.

On april 28, 2014 placed rapper Ismo, the stage name of Ismail Houllich, the rap with the corresponding video clip on YouTube. In the rap lyrics to be heard as “queers I do not give hand” and “I hate those fucking jews more than the nazis.” The rap led to several declarations for insult and discrimination.

The court spoke Houllich free, because the rapper statements made which fall within the artistic expression and fall under the right of freedom of expression. It was did not agree and argued appeals in.

“Discrimination on grounds of race and sexual orientation cannot be tolerated and must be adequately addressed to be,” said the ORDER. “Especially when it comes to strong insulting statements like that made by the defendant are made.”


According TO the statements in the rap to the limit of the freedom of expression exceeded. “The defendant has insulting remarks made punishable. The statements relating to jews and homosexuals are also unnecessarily hurtful.”

It points out that the required punishment is in place because the rapper is famous wants to be. “When you have a large audience to reach, it brings responsibility with it. Houllich seem to have an eye for the people he hurt.”

Houllich says that is not the meaning to to hurt people’s feelings. The video clip is still online.

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