Rapper Def Rhymz is ‘immune’ to become beautiful buttocks

Rapper Def Rhymz is ‘immune’ to become beautiful buttocks

Rapper Def Rhymz was familiar with the song Shake on the buttocks, but is now “immune” to become beautiful buttocks. “It’s been too much. I am older and wiser now.”

“Can she talk, is she not quickly angry, that I think is more important than a buttock,” said the rapper, who is actually Dennis Bouman is called, in conversation with the Volkskrant.

According to Bouman was “white people” large buttocks “nothing” when his number one hit. “Now they find the great. I only see white women walking with a big butt, what the fok? What do they eat brown beans with hormones? They walk continues along: look at my butt.”

Bouman says that Def Rhymz really a character of him is, that he himself is not as the rapper. “It is a memento that I money. Still, I have every weekend for a few performances. It is as a memento of André van Duin. Funny faces to draw. As a child, I always watched him on tv.”

“I am calm. (…) It is a button convert and shit on everyone. We are all the perks and love good crazy. That is what Def Rhymz. Especially Dutch men on the street to me. That they me with a woman their buttocks shook. They are grateful,” said the rapper.

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