Raid Brussels in terrorismeonderzoek

Raid Brussels in terrorismeonderzoek

Photo: Reuters

Heavily-armed police units are on Sunday night for the fourth time, the house of the mother of terrorismeverdachte Oussama Atar has been invaded.

Atar is seen as the possible mastermind behind the attacks in the Belgian capital.

That reports the newspaper La Dernière Heure Tuesday. The Public prosecution service would only confirm that a search has taken place in connection with a possible returnee Syriëstrijder.

Atar is a cousin of the brothers El Bakraoui, who in march opbliezen at the airport and metro station Maelbeek. Atars brother Yassine was shortly thereafter arrested on suspicion of plotting a new attack in Brussels. He is also linked to the attacks in Paris.

The 32-year-old Oussama Atar sat between 2004 and 2012 in the prison in Iraq, and it is then possible to Syria traveled. In Belgian media he is portrayed as a pioneer of the Syriëgangers and as a ‘topterrorist’.

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