Radboudumc stopped with studies of Alzheimer’s protein

Radboudumc stopped with studies of Alzheimer’s protein

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The Radboudumc stops with studies that amyloid-beta try to brake, the protein, which scientists for years have thought that Alzheimer’s would cause. That says a professor in geriatrics Marcel Olde Rikkert Saturday in de Volkskrant.

Olde Rikkert suggests that alzheimer’s is an ageing disease is more complex than damage by the amyloid protein. “I can simply not sell it anymore to my patients”, says the head of the Radboudumc Alzheimer’s disease Center in the newspaper. The Radboudumc wants patients false hope.

Worldwide start more scientists doubt the amyloid protein as the cause of the condition, despite the fact that in the Science Translational Medicine recently, a study was presented to the production of beta-amyloid to slow down as an important step in the research.

Director of the Alzheimercentrum of the VUmc Philip Scheltens does not agree with Olde Rikkert: “Alzheimer’s is an ageing disease? Gossip. If so, why then are there people of 45 who get the disease?”, he asks himself in de Volkskrant.

Olde Rikkert explains this by Scheltens in the Hospital mainly young patients, some of which suffer from a familial form of alzheimer’s disease. “We are talking about less than 1 percent of all people with the disease. The promise that scientific research in alzheimer’s disease may resolve, does not apply to all 70 – and 80-year olds with this disease. This is where we need to be honest about this,” said the professor of the Radboudumc.

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