R. Kelly sued: What is to be done?

R. Kelly, after that he through several women already have been accused of abuse, sued for ten cases of sexual abuse. put in a row what the last few years has happened around the once-celebrated r&b singer, who – if he is found guilty, a prison sentence of three to seven years.

R. Kelly, who was born as Robert Sylvester Kelly, began in the late eighties with action. In the early nineties, he made a album with r&b group Public Announcement Born into the 90’s), and in 1993, he came up with his first solo album: 12 Play. Music was not his only talent; for a while he combined the music with a professional career as a basketball player.

In 2011, the singer was, that when the world hits like I Believe I Can Fly, If I Could Turn Back the Hands of Time and The World’s Greatest on his name, Billboard named the most successful r&b artist of the previous 25 years. Worldwide he has more than 75 million albums and singles sold, and he worked with greats like Michael Jackson, Jay-Z, The Notorious B. I. G., and Aaliyah.

With Aaliyah, who passed away in 2001 in a plane crash, was the lead singer even for a short time married. R. Kelly was 27 and Aaliyah was only fifteen. The leaf Vibe later learned that the singer on the marriage certificate had lied about her age and in 1995, a year after the marriage, the union would be declared null and void. The two have always denied that there was more than friendship.

R. Kelly – The World’s Greatest

Stories about sexual relationships with minors

The Chicago Sun-Times wrote in 2000 that R. Kelly is his power and fame had been used to sexual relations with young girls, some of whom only fifteen were. He was indicted by singer Tiffany ‘Tia’ Hawkins, who says on her fifteenth a three-year sexual relationship with the singer to have started. Hawkins demanded $ 10 million, but eventually agreed to a settlement of $ 250,000.

The allegations followed another, then. In 2001, R. Kelly sued by a former intern, who claimed that the singer her in a sexual relationship started when she was seventeen. A year later, followed in several cases, including one of a woman who claimed that she was pregnant hit of R. Kelly and obliged an abortion had to undergo. All of these cases ended in a settlement.

Also was there in 2002 in his hometown of Chicago an accusation, because of the creation of child pornography, but it was the singer six years later, and eventually quit because not it could be proven that the girl in the video is underage.

R. Kelly talks about sexual abuse in youth

Then it was a long time fairly quiet around the singer, although he in 2016 with GQ, talked about the fact that he, as a seven-year-old boy was abused by an acquaintance. “Or that was wrong? Absolutely. But it is someone to whom I give, so I go this person is not verklikken. Imagine that someone like my mother, a murder could have committed, then I would have her yet.”

The singer told that the abuse him changed and that he was “previously in contact with sexuality was normal”.

Also he let a bit loose about his relationship with Aaliyah. “Because they died, I go there out of respect for her mother and deceased father not to talk about it. But I can tell you that I loved her, I can tell you that they loved me. We were very close. We were the best, best, best, best friends.”

These women accuse R. Kelly of abuse

Andrea Kelly, the ex-wife of R. Kelly. The two were married between 1996 and 2009. They told me last year that they were during their marriage, emotionally and physically been abused by the singer and that she was considering to commit suicide.

Asante McGee says in the docu that they were one of the ‘sex slaves’ by R. Kelly.

Lisa Van Allen told in Surviving R. Kelly that they at nine years had a relationship with the singer. She became pregnant, but tried to make abortion. In 2008 testified against R. Kelly in the kinderpornozaak, in which she said that trios had had with the singer, and a 14-year-old girl.

Radio dj Kitti Jones left home and hearth for a relationship with R. Kelly. In the documentary she says that she is ‘sex on demand’ had to have with the singer, and nothing to eat was if they are not in his plans, went.

Also Tarana Burke, who is the #metoo-movement started, in Surviving R. Kelly at the word. “Don’t look away”, tweeted them about the documentary.

Buzzfeed comes up with a story about ‘vrouwensekte’

And then came Buzzfeed in 2017, suddenly, with the story that R. Kelly’s six wives caught would keep in a kind of ‘vrouwensekte’. He would the women in the first instance, have helped with their careers, after which he slowly the control over their lives took over.

It was reportedly so much so that the singer in the end, what the women ate, how they dressed and when they were allowed to take a shower and sleep. Also they would be physically available if the r&b artist therefore asked and he picked up their phones, giving them the contact with friends and family slowly lost.

The singer denies the story, which was written by Jim DeRogatis – the same man who in 2000 for the Chicago Sun-Times wrote about the sexual relations of the singer with underage girls. All the women in the article were called, were of the age of majority. One denied later that she against her will was held.

The story of Buzzfeed in turn led to multiple allegations against the singer. So telling a woman that she had sex with R. Kelly while she is a minor and claimed that the singer and her uithongerde and abused and forced her to perform sexual acts with other women.

Women start campaign to R. Kelly to silence

In a documentary from BBC Three told Lovell Jones, a former friend of R. Kelly, that he, at parties after a concert, and always women, the singer had to find “that there young in appearance”. He said that it is “generally known” that was R. Kelly on young women fell. As always, denies the singer everything.

Two women started a campaign to R. Kelly “the mouth cords”: #MuteRKelly. She cried out, inter alia, record label RCA Records, Ticketmaster and other major muziekbedrijven on the singer to boycott. The management of the singer responded by saying that with the campaign a “attempt was made a black man to lynch, who made extraordinary contributions to our culture has made”.

It was, however, the action success. Spotify announced last year that it would stop promotion of R. Kelly’s music, then Apple’s Music and Pandora followed. The Washington Post came up with a great story about the singer in which it was said that many celebrities from the world of music for years to know what he is in his shield run, but that no one does something because he is so successful.

Screeningruimte evacuated after anonymous phone call in which threatened with shooting

At the beginning of december 2018 happened again something remarkable. A screeningruimte in New York, which is a documentary about R. Kelly, was shown, was evacuated after an anonymous phone call from Chicago had arrived in which a shooting was threatened. A spokesman from Lifetime, the channel that the documentary would be broadcast, reported that the area as a precaution, was evacuated.

In the conscious documentary, Surviving R. Kelly, tells a number of women to be the victim of physical, mental, and sexual violence by the singer. “There is a difference between R. Kelly and Robert”, says one of them. “The artist is a fun, smiling, dear guest. But Robert is the devil.”

The six-part documentary, which recently spread over three evenings was broadcast by Lifetime – a paid tv channel in the United States – now has a lot of dust. Several colleagues of R. Kelly, including Chance the Rapper and John Legend, and came to the word.

John Legend was one of the few stars who openly his opinion about R. Kelly proclaimed, while a lot of celebrities contribute to the documentary refused. “To anyone who me now courageous call: it was not at all like a risk to work on the documentary,” he wrote later on Twitter. “I believe the women who tell their story, and I’m a child molester do not protect. Easy enough.”

To everyone count me how courageous I am for appearing in the doc, it didn’t feel risky at all. I believe these women and don’t give a fuck about protecting a serial child rapist. Easy decision.

AvatarAuteurjohnlegendMoment of plaatsen03:26 – 4 January 2019

Several artists remove collaborations

Lady Gaga has as a result of the documentary let know her collaboration with R. Kelly on all the streaming services want to delete. The singer made in 2013 together with the singer, the song Do What You Want.

Also, Céline Dion chooses for her collaboration with Kelly from various streaming services to remove. The members of the Pussycat Dolls have also said this to want.

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The state of Georgia started after a criminal investigation, to R. Kelly, as a result of the documentary, as was Tuesday at a press conference in Chicago announced. The public prosecutor has alleged victims and their families talk, and would be enough material for the singer to continue.


Watch the trailer for Surviving R. Kelly

Lawsuit 8 march start

On 22 February, shortly after new alleged victims reported, it was announced the singer is accused in ten cases of sexual abuse.

From the rechtsdocumenten out to four different victims who, at the time of the abuse between thirteen and sixteen years old were. The incidents would have occurred between 1998 and 2010.

The newspaper also knows to report that there is an arrest warrant against Kelly and that the lawsuit march 8, will start at the district court of Cook County. If the singer is found guilty, he would be a prison sentence of three to seven years can get.

Shortly afterwards, the singer joined the Chicago police.

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