Quirky New Year’s events, from the dropping of food to raise a giant cup

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Of food falling from the sky on toast made to ring in the New Year, in many cities in the US have found unique ways to celebrate 2019.

Read on for a look at nine of the most bizarre events of this year.

Pickle: Mount Olive, North Carolina

In Mount Olive, North Carolina, a three-foot pickle descends from a pole to celebrate the New Year. The North Carolina city is the home of Mt. Olive Pickle Company, Inc.

For those hoping to get a glimpse of a falling pickle, take into account the decrease starts at 7 pm EST – not midnight.

“This has become a grand event for families and children, and older adults,” Lynn Williams, of the Mt. Olive Pickles spokesman said. “It is still early, it is fast and it is simply great fun.”

The company will also be streaming the drop live on its website.

Drag queen drop Key West, Florida

There are several quirky ways to ring in the New Year in Key West, Florida – including with the dropping of Sushi the drag queen in a giant red high heel shoe. Sushi or Gary Marion, is lowered in the shoe of the Bourbon St. Pub for 21 years.

Revelers can also ring in 2019 with the drop of a Pan American Airways flight attendant in a model plane on the First Flight Island Restaurant And Brewery to celebrate the airline the history of Key West. In addition, a shell removed from Sloppy Joe’s Bar, a pirate wench will be reduced at the Schooner Wharf Bar.

“The Cup” celebration: Savannah, Georgia

Raise a glass to 2019 in Savannah, Georgia, is a 6-foot to-go cup is raised at midnight. Sponsored by Wet Willies bar, the annual event will also include live music and fireworks.

PEEPS drop: Bethlehem, Pennsylvania

At the end of the annual PEEPSFEST in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, a 400-pound lit PEEPS Chick is lowered on New Year’s Eve to celebrate the holiday. The nearly 5-meter-high PEEPS replica will be reduced to 5:15 pm EST.

Potato drop: Boise, Idaho

At midnight in Boise, Idaho, a giant potato – officially the GlowTato – will descend from the perch of about 200 feet in the air. Dylan Cline, who began the annual tradition in 2013, describes the image as a “potato-shaped disco ball.”

The party with live music and events for the whole family. The potato is hoisted at 6 pm on a rendition of the Star-Spangled Banner before it is lowered at midnight along with a fireworks display.

Flip-flop : Folly Beach, South Carolina

Folly Beach is to let the shoe drop to ring in 2019 – specifically, a giant pair of silver and red streamers, decorated flip flops.

Charlotte Goodwin, wife of Folly Beach Mayor Tim Goodwin, created the annual event in 2011. It has since attracted thousands of people, according to WCBD-TV.

“I woke up one day and decided that we needed something for the people on Folly Beach,” she said.

After the shoes fall, a fireworks show will continue with the celebration.

Bologna drop, Lebanon, Pennsylvania

One of bologna ranger – the wearing of Lebanon Bologna – have fallen out of the sky on the kick-off 2019 in Lebanon, Pennsylvania.

In the past, the city reduced just a 200-pound bologna, according to WHTM-TV. But this year the celebration will be a smaller part of the meat is carried by the paper-mache mascot. After the drops, the bologna was then donated to the local non-profit organizations.

Moon Pie drop: Mobile, Alabama

At midnight, a 600 pound electric MoonPie will descend from the heaven in Mobile, Alabama. And before that, the world’s largest edible MoonPie will be cut as part of the MoonPie Over Mobile celebration.

“As far as New Year’s Eve celebrations go, ours is definitely a unique item. Because of the originality, we get a lot of national attention,” marketing director Kinnon Phillips has said.

Pinata drop: Passaic, New Jersey

To celebrate the New Year, Passaic, New Jersey, in the festivities by dropping a confetti-filled piñata for the first time.

Councillor Salim Patel told the North Jersey Record of the event – including music – is a sign of Passaic’s dedication to the growth of the economy.

“We have recently opened the doors of 663 Maine Ave., that now serves as a beacon for the yet to come,” Patel said of the city’s tallest building. “It is an important part for the continuation of the revitalization of the downtown.”

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