Quid the hit? Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go

In the summer of 2015, we got very August a hit among the dust come from. Re-read now the episode about Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go by Wham!.

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THE HIT? Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go

THE YEAR? 1984

THE IMPACT? Wham! got rid of his image as a gloomy duo with politically charged lyrics. That made in one blow place for tandpastasmiles, colorful attire and ambiance.

Wham!, that is George Michael and Andrew Ridgeley, two British sunbathers with blonded hair and an impeccable smile. Wham!, that is Careless Whisper, Last Christmas and Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go, summer, cheerful and carefree. That you might think and it is also true, at least for the Wham! from after 1984.

Before that, they were Michael and Ridgeley rather gloomy figures. They profileerden themselves as hedonisten and wrote texts that the weighed between parody and social commentary. Take, for example, Young Guns (1983), in which the boys, their friend advised to not to early bind.

Young guns

Having some fun

Crazy ladies keep them on the run

Wise guys realize there’s danger in emotional ties

See me, single and free

No tears, no fears, what I want to be

One, two, take a look at you

Death by matrimony!

That was largely the merit of Michael, the songsmid of the group. Ridgeley was more the smooth spokesperson, and imagobewaker, Michael convinced to their sound and lyrics more poppy and merry-making.

For the number that turn would eventually bet found Michael’s inspiration in a memo that Ridgeley to his parents wrote. Apparently, Ridgeley quite a snoozer, because in the note he asked the elders to wake him up before they left. In English it’s ‘Wake me up before you go’. Ridgeley wrote, however, accidentally two times up, and so he made it only two times go. Or how a bad joke, a brilliant song title.

“I just wanted an energetic popnummer that the best of the fifties and sixties united with our sound,” said George Michael later about the song. ‘It does me to many of the songs thinking that I am not all of them may appoint.’ And how Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go are tight drumbeat? “At the rehearsal, we used a drum machine because the drummer was too late. It was such a good beat that we have him on the single have used.’ Ba-dum-tss! (JVL)

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