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We say, with a bit of fear of sudden and urgent correction that today is something of a disappointment so marked.

After nine consecutive days of chaos – starting with President Trump‘s dismissal of FBI Director James Comey, continues with Trump’s admission that he fired Comey in part because the Agency’s investigation into Trump’s campaign, the revelation that Trump shared state secrets” with the Kremlin and the completion of the appointment of a special counsel – it is quiet.

As trump departs for a long overseas trip, it is only the noise of the jet wash along the Potomac.

Given the intensity of the events and would be occasionally out of joint device, cover of you, a reasonable man expected that it would be a kind of dramatic conclusion of this action-Packed mini-series.

Sorry to disappoint sorry, but we are probably a long way from one end of it, regardless of the twists and turns that the story takes. Special counsel Robert Müller is only the beginning of an investigation, the last months, if not years. Trump will not be indicted, resign, removed from his own Cabinet, or abducted by aliens any time soon.

Just when you-believe-it-the 2016 election, the show will go on, like it or not.

We are often told that the premise that the election was a broad populist revolt, and on the interior of the country and the anger of the mad Rust-Belt residents, manifests itself in the non-host in the person of a New York billionaire and reality show. Their eyes had seen the glory of the coming of the Trump.

And it is certainly the truth that, as the places in America left behind in the flood of technological change of the last generation of one-sided strongly with the trump card against the Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton, the for the against you in favor of wealthier suburban voters.

And certainly Trump a platform, matched with the needs of the older heartland voters: new tariffs on foreign goods to support the programs of the Federal government, production, crack down on immigrant workers, and the preservation of the ailing entitlement programs.

Some of these things atention will have to be ignored to get there, the blockbuster finale of the 2016 season, but most of the problems that have been decimated, or disabled, given the political realities in Washington and the political inability of the President and his team.

Here we must keep in mind that, perhaps, was due as much or even more of the 2016 dynamic, not on these forgotten voters, but the sheer spectacle of the race itself.

Both candidates talked about issues, but the basic statement against a plot-driven dynamic that would have seemed right at home in a soap opera or a professional wrestling match. If the last ten days felt familiar to you, it is, perhaps, because it had all the characteristics of last year’s election.

Forget what you might be inclined to, just as many voters did in the election, is that all this drama is a harmful distraction. Which of the mostly the already rich and powerful in this agonizing reboot of “Melrose Place” comes out on top plays no role at all. Sure, it is fascinating, but trash TV is only in your brain, garbage left to rot-a policy is in fact red your Republic.

It looks less likely than ever that the bold strokes of Trumpism any kind of comprehensive policy changes in this year. At this point, also, produce a budget and avoid a government shutdown sounds a bit ambitious.

But boy oh boy, there is drama and epic explosions and strange tweets and betrayal and leaks, and stunning is nature’s revelations and, probably, finally, some intrigue, sexual. Just like the election, this show will have it all.

What it will probably not have, however, is much of an answer for those Americans, the questions of both parties, what should we do with a culture that is broken, further economic disruption and a conspicuous lack of national purpose.

As players take their respective places on the stage for the current melodrama, still the actor of the part of the offspring.

Democrats must defeat trump or trump can survive, and the other abuses to come, but you would not be wrong to ask, “So what?”

“To be sure, [States] are willing to run the risk of being less free.” – Alexander Hamilton, Federalist No. 8

Atlas Obscura: “this brand Classic would be the second banana from the cookie aisle, which can’t compete these days against the marketing Juggernaut, Oreo, even if it has a bit of a head start. In 1882 the businessman Jacob Loose bought a biscuit and candy company, later known as sunshine biscuits (after the company’s baking plant concepts), and, in 1908, launched, the cookie sandwich known as a Classic. The name, she thought, would be reminiscent of the sunlight that shimmered through their works, to speak in addition to a basic purity of the product. The truth was a little more complicated, but. Is intended to mean hydrogen and oxygen—the two chemicals, out of which water is the result of a clinical, less rolling-off-the-tongue-Convention, and instead of hydrogen peroxide, a chemical that you probably don’t want to drink evokes.”

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Trump’s net job approval rating: -16.8 points
Change from a week ago: -4.2 points

Andrew Exum
sees the message and the meaning behind President Trump’s trip to Saudi Arabia. The Atlantic: “The last four U.S. presidents when you make your first trips abroad, traveled to Canada or Mexico. Donald Trump, however, go to Saudi Arabia to meet, not only with the Saudi leadership, but with other Gulf States and Arab leaders. This is a movement by the anti-Obama. The former President of the relations with America’s traditional regional partners were excited, so what better way to announce that you’re not the former President, as they embrace you with all my heart, despite some of the pointed things that you tell yourself about you in the election campaign. [The] the Gulf Arabs are still excited about Donald Trump, to collapse itself when the President, his position among his own people, after a week-long artillery volley of bombs on everything from the President to the FBI Director firing to investigate the appointment of a special counsel, the Trump campaign, the relations with Russia.”

Trump son-in-law in the middle of the large arms deal – The hill: “President Trump’s senior Advisor and son-in-law, Jared Kushner , personally, as CEO of Lockheed Martin during a meeting with a Saudi delegation at the beginning of this month, and asked them to cut the price for a missile defense system, The New York Times reported on Thursday. The call was part of the Kushner ‘ s efforts to about $110 billion arms sale to Saudi Arabia prior to the trump of a planned trip to the UK on Friday.”

Ivanka and Jared have received the permission to roll on Shabbos Political: “Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner are flying aboard Air Force One to Saudi Arabia with US President Donald Trump on Friday, after receiving a rabbinical dispensation to travel on the Jewish Sabbath day, according to a White house official. As a practising Orthodox Jews, the Trump-daughter and son-in-law generally observe the weekly Shabbat, holidays, deduct from sunset Friday to sunset Saturday.”

Oh, the places he has to go – Fox News: “His journey begins Friday with a stop in Saudi Arabia, followed by planned visits to Israel and the Vatican. Trump is later the 28 NATO summit in Brussels, Belgium, and the 43 the G7 summit in Taormina, Italy.”

NYT: “the Republican senators signaled on Thursday that the justice Department special counsel investigation into Russia’s interference in the presidential elections and possible collusion by the staff of President Trump would be likely to slow and narrow the scope of their own investigations. Five different Senate and House committees — including the two congressional intelligence committees run inquiries into the Russian interference. But the special counsel, Robert S. Mueller III, was determined on Wednesday, is widely expected to ask Congress to scale back public hearings with witnesses, which may be an integral part of his investigation. The entire Senate, in a highly unusual meeting, was informed of the Ministry of justice investigation of Rod J. Rosenstein, the Deputy attorney General, stunned some lawmakers when he suggested that he would have known that President Trump had planned to have the fire – James B. Comey as F. B. I. Director, before he a memo to the President, in a statement of the reasons for his dismissal.”

Trump’s lawyers up – Politico: “The urge, which, according to four people informed, the day after it was announced that former FBI Director Robert Mueller would serve as the investigation’s special counsel. A White house official said that the discussion, which came the day before Trump makes his first trip abroad since taking office, centered around the nuts and bolts of how the investigation would work and how the administration must at the request Among the attendees was also a longtime Trump organization lawyer Michael Cohen, who came down from New York to visit. … White House Counsel Don McGahn and his team, an official said, urging the White house and trump – be careful in his comments with a special Prosecutor’s office to participate.”

Draped with intrigue – WashEx: “Former FBI Director, James Comey now says that he tries to hide among the tall, blue curtains decorate a White house meeting room in an attempt to hide President Trump at a housewarming the day of the event. Comey said the incident was just one example of what he believed were the times, Trump tried to create an image in the public, Comey showed on his page.”

FBI California Republicans that Russia was recruiting him – NYT: “The F. B. I., warned a Republican Congressman in 2012, that Russian spies recruit him, the officials said, is an example of how aggressive Russian agents have tried to influence Washington policy. The Congressman Dana Rohrabacher from California, has been known for years as one of Moscow’s biggest defenders in Washington and, as a vehement opponent of the American economic sanctions against Russia. … He is one of President Trump’s most loyal allies on Capitol Hill.”

Dems dour about Lieberman – Politico: “President Donald Trump may be dramatically incorrect assessment of how much support Sen. Joe Lieberman would have been among his former Democratic colleagues, if nominated to be FBI Director. Some Senate Democrats hold a grudge against Lieberman, turning to his right, and in opposition to some of President Barack Obama’s agenda late in his Senate career.”

Can’t help yourself – Free Beacon vizier Matthew Continetti writes that the President does not seem able to help themselves and now to help, rather than hinder, his own team. “His dismissal of FBI Director James Comey, then its changing explanations of the dismissal, born enemy he does not want to have and alienated employees, whose loyalty he needs.”

NYT: “The White house released a few details of two of the larger components of the 2018 budget it sends to Congress on Tuesday. The money will spend it on the military and a southern border, the wall is part of a wish list will serve as the starting price in the negotiations on the financing of the government next year. To consider a beefed-up version of the ‘skinny’ budget President Trump in March will be published, expected, long-term projections for expenditure for the public services, tax revenues and economic forecasts. It is also revealing for the first time, as the trump-plans to government, funding issues for programs such as Social Security and Medicare. … Congressional budget committees are expected to have signaled its own budget proposals in June, and many Republicans, that the draconian cuts Mr. Trump wants to have the domestic programs nonstarters.”

Federal workers ‘ pensions aim – WaPo: “It calls for a 1.9 percent salary increase in January for the civilian workers, and a 2.1 percent hike for the military. But in real, civil less, than it looks, if it is proposed, would be to increase to be taken hits on the old-age pension. Trump the fiscal year 2018 budget would Increase Federal employees Retirement System (FERS) employees ‘ contributions by 1% – point per year until it is equal to the government contribution.”

House to do like-about the vote on ObamaCare – cuts – Bloomberg: “house Republicans hardly overtake could the repeal of Obamacare bill earlier this month, and you are now facing the possibility of having to vote again on their controversial health measure. Speaker of the house of representatives , Paul Ryan still have not sent the bill to the Senate, because there is a chance that parts of it need to be renewed, depending on how the Congressional Budget Office estimates its effects. House leaders want to make sure that the bill corresponds to the draft with the Senate rules for reconciliation, a mechanism that allows it to pass the Senate Republicans, the bill with a simple majority. The Republicans rushed to vote on the health bill so that the Senate could have a fast start, even before the CBO was finished the analysis of a series of last-minute changes. The CBO expects to publish an updated estimate next week.”

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After a week of nonstop news in the run-up to the President’s first foreign trip, there is a lot going on in Washington. This Sunday, Chris Wallace interview, Secretary of state, Rex Tillerson from overseas to trump travel, and Senator John McCain, live and in the studio to discuss the, White-House-leaks. Watch “Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace,” Check local listings for broadcast times in your area.

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“I never thought [Hillary Clinton] was the right candidate. I thought I was the right candidate.” – Former Vice-President Joe Biden, speaking at an investor conference in Las Vegas on the election in 2016. Biden also allegedly said he was “very good” will run in 2020.

“Müller was appointed head of the investigation in Russia for the influence in the choice. It is the choice of colour of the headings makes it appear that Trump is the goal. While he is until the end of may, so in the end, he is now the target of the investigation. You put yourself in the category of Fake news, or tabloid journalism with their poor choice. I enjoy reading your reports every day, but you can do better than this.” – David Fischer, Memphis, Tenn.

[Ed. Note: Well, Mr. Fischer, I would say that I’m not the only one who sees that the special counsel, as an enemy of the President. I would suggest that Trump takes the view, given his reaction to the news. I’m in what is perhaps a minority, which believes that Müller’s arrival on the scene is a good news, at least in the short term for this administration. Muller is certainly an existential threat for a trump presidency, when, in fact, serious misconduct campaign occurred in Trump’s. However, the former FBI Director, known for discretion, is likely to be the silent, steady flow of leaks, the demonised Team trump. Best yet for the White house is that the presence of the famous G-man seems to have finally convinced that Trump the severity of the situation and perhaps also the need of steering clear of it. Studies such as this usually do not an individual so much as you target questionable behavior within an organization. Trump says that is not with him or anyone who works or worked for him. And in all the leaks so far, there’s been no evidence presented, in addition, in connection with Michael Flynn, any abusive behaviour vis-à-vis Russia. If the trump card is to tell the truth, Müller could not be Javert, but instead, his deliverer.]

“He is not a Republican, just because he decided to use the ticket.” – Carl Robie, Charlotte, N. C.

[Ed. Note: I have previously written that the way Trump won the presidency was, for the first time a victory over the Republican party and then turning his attention to the Democrats. And there was a time when I thought to bring the successful way to a trump presidency, the Democrats in a new, populist coalition. This is not what is happening, in part, because of the drama, scandal, and the total dedication to intransigence among Democrats. Instead, Trump and his adopted party, to have taken the roles of the two escaped prisoners chained to another, in search of refuge and survival.]
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KSAZ: “During the crash with three cars in Scottsdale on Wednesday, the cause of damage to the cars, as well as an office, but there has been an internet sensation out of a man, working in the area. The man, Bryan Amann, worked in a nearby office building, and went outside to see what was going on, when he decided to put on a show for the SkyFOX cameras up on him. … Amann told the people that he [works] with a logistics company that he was going to the top of the garage, [to pick up] the helicopter that attention. … “When I ran there, I had to look at my phone, in order to ensure that the guy looked at me. You’ve got the boys attention and then, when he had me on the zoom it was time to go,” said Amann. “When I was in my moves, I had to make sure I was still in the screen, because I would not want to waste good dance moves.’ … In the end, the “Scottsdale man Dance”, said he was only trying to make people laugh.”

“And the reason why we are in dangerous territory for trump, as soon as you have done, the big a, as soon as you shot, the great adversary, that is to say, they got rid of the Director of the FBI, which is quite unusual step, then you really are not a lot of bullets left.” – Charles Krauthammer on “special report with Bret Baier.”

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