Quentin Tarantino responds: ‘Accident Uma Thurman is the greatest sorrow of my life’

After actress Uma Thurman to complain about the role of film director Quentin Tarantino in a car accident during recording of Kill Bill, has the director himself in an interview with Deadline defended. “I’m guilty because I was her in that car placed, but not in the way that people are saying that I owe’.

Quentin Tarantino and Uma Thurman in 2014 during the Cannes film Festival © BELGAIMAGE

Sunday published The New York Times in an extensive interview by columnist Maureen Dowd with actress Uma Thurman, who, in the context of #MeToo her account brought from tapped and threats that they of producer Harvey Weinstein had to endure.

In the interview aired, Thurman also her heart about the relationship with director Quentin Tarantino. Tarantino and Thurman worked together for Pulp Fiction and the Kill Bill epic, both of which were created for Miramar, the production company of Weinstein.

Two episodes sit Thurman high. A complaint was that Tarantino the actor Michael Madsen replaced when its in the face heard to spit, and that he was in a wurgscene itself the chain around her neck tensed.

But the more serious accusation involved a car accident that permanent damage to the neck and the knees of Thurman dealt. The behavior of Tarantino had her life in danger, argued them.

‘Trust broken’

According to Thurman had a head equipment manager its pointed out that the bijgespijkerde car in a bad state. They tried the scene, with her hair in the wind was flapping, while they are on a country road in Mexico rushed to a stuntvrouw to transfer. But Tarantino, who, according to her ‘furious’ was, convinced her to drive. The car swung from the road and came up against a tree.

Thurman suspected subsequently a cover up for a compensation to escape. The producers have, according to her, the car wreck disappear.

Only fifteen years after the date sent Tarantino her the pictures of the accident, of which she is the past few days a clip via Instagram the world have submitted.

In Deadline, a magazine specialized in Hollywood, the director wederwoord.

Tarantino regrets the accident, that the relationship between the two has since affected. It is, he says, ” the greatest sadness of my life that I convinced to which stunt to do. ‘Trust’ that the two had made up, ‘was broken’.

But it was the movie, not at all like Thurman in the Times described it. “I’m guilty because I was her in that car placed, but not in the way that people are saying that I owe’.

A head equipment manager had warned him and seemed unlikely: it is up to specialists to ensure that the car is safe.

He was not ‘furious’, argues he. “I suppose I irritated and my eyes rolled, but I’m sure that I’m not furious. I stormed into Uma’s trailer is not in, I barked its not that they are in the car had.

He saw the problem really is not.

“None of us considered it even as a stunt. It was just ‘drive’.

When he realized how worried Thurman was, he went into the track itself with the car. He came to the conclusion straight down, and even for a bad driver as Thurman an easy job.

But because of the lighting effect was the journey in the other direction passed, and in that direction he explored not. In which direction was the road for no good reason less right, and Thurman went already or not as a result of a technical defect the bend.

‘A shame for eternity’

The kettingwurgscene and spitting defends Tarantino.

“Of course I did that. Who had the else to do? I am the director, I can fluim of design’. He feared that Madsen is too reluctant, or in many attempts would be needed before he is sufficiently aggressive, could spew.

Shortly after the publication of the interview with the Times had Thurman via Instagram Tarantino praised because he is her on the recording of the accident had helped. And although the circumstances around the accident ‘was negligent in the criminal was the judge they do not believe that the intentions of Tarantino malicious. For the cover-up of eight she ‘Lawrence Bender, E. Bennett Walsh, and the infamous Harvey Weinstein will only be liable’. Bender and Walsh were co-producers. “They lied, destroyed evidence, and continue to lie about the lasting damage they cause and then decided under the mat to wipe. The cover-up was malicious intent, and shame for an eternity for these three.

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