Queen impressed by the young klimaatactivisten

The queen of england, Elizabeth II on Wednesday in its annual kerstspeech announced that they would be impressed by the young activists, who, this year, for example, is hard for the environment. “The challenges faced by the current generation of young people are different than those of my generation had to deal with,” said the king.

The queen praised the commitment of the new generations, who have little of the problems, like the generation of the Second world War did. Elizabeth had, during the war in the British army and was trained as a mechanic.

Queen Elizabeth was called on for reconciliation and co-operation. As an example, she called for the anniversary of D-day, the day on which the allied forces by Germany, occupied Europe and invaded.

“On the 75th anniversary of the battle were sworn enemies together for a kind of commemoration on both sides of the Channel, and they were the old disputes behind them,” said the British monarch.

“By the ready-to-be-old litigation behind us and, together, move forward, do we have the freedom and the democracy in which we have a very high price to pay.”

“Small steps can make a world of difference in the world.”
Queen Elizabeth II

The queen makes a comparison with the moon landing

Furthermore, once called the queen of the fiftieth anniversary of the first moon landing. “When I was a child, I never could have imagined that there were people on the moon, you would have to walk,” said Elizabeth.

The queen said that “small steps will make a world of a difference in the world.” It was a reference to the famous statement by astronaut Neil Armstrong: “One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.” It was called the variety of organizations and helplines that are dedicated to helping others.

In addition to the message of christ, recognized by the queen and that by 2019, a year with obstacles in it. The United Kingdom had, among other things, the lingering Brexit negotiations that will be held this month resulted in the re-election. The Conservatives won a large majority in the house of Commons, which prime minister Boris Johnson was on Friday Brexit deal by the parliament and was able to get it.

It was the queen of england to the birth of her eighth great-grandchild. In may, Archie was born the son of a prince, prince Harry, and Meghan Markle.

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Contested prince Andrew was not at church with the family

The controversial prince Andrew was, according to BBC News, Wednesday, was not present at the meeting who is of the royal family, on Wednesday attended the mass. He attended an earlier service at his family and could not make it to the reception by the general public.

As Andrew explained it in the november public service jobs is down because of the controversy surrounding his friendship with the sexual misconduct of convicted multi-millionaire Jeffrey Epstein.

Prince Philip, who on Tuesday, after four days in the hospital, was discharged, and was also not present at the meeting.

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