‘Quantum computer easier to produce by new technology’

‘Quantum computer easier to produce by new technology’

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Australian scientists have developed a new kind of quantum computer has been developed, which according to them is a lot easier to produce than existing designs.

The quantum computer has qubits’ – the equivalent of the bits in traditional computers, which are made of silicon. That material is also used for normal computer chips.

In the scientific journal Nature Communications, call the scientists of the University of New South Wales their invention Wednesday the “flip-flop-qubit’. This has the advantage that atoms are less accurately placed need to be and that they are further from each other can be placed without their link with each other to lose.

“This makes building a quantum computer a piece of haalbaarder, because it is based on the same technology as the computer industry today,” says project leader Andrea Morello told Reuters. According to him, it should be possible to kwantumchips silicon mass-produce.

The Australian university has created a company that a working quantum computer should design. The goal is to be in 2022 a computer with ten qubits.

In the Netherlands, via the institute QuTech in Delft is working on a quantum computer. The new kind of computers should calculations much faster and cause a revolution in the field of dataversleuteling.

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