Qualcomm unveils dieptecamera for Android phones

Qualcomm unveils dieptecamera for Android phones

Photo: Bloomberg

Techfabrikant Qualcomm has a special dieptecamera introduced, which can be used in Android phones.

The camera can be used, for example, augmented reality, the company said in a press release.

By depth with the camera to scan, know a smartphone how far a given object is exactly. This allows virtual objects using augmented reality accurate on the camera image to be projected.

According to Qualcomm the camera module also help with photography application, which, thanks to the dieptescanner for example, to better see where on should be in focus. In virtual reality (VR), the camera would the environment be able to capture, to allow the wearer to warn of approaching obstacles in the real world.

Face recognition

The technology would in theory also can be applied for face recognition, a technology that, among other Samsung already active using. The iPhone 8 will according to rumors also gezichtsscanner contain.

Qualcomm is a parts supplier for many large smartphonemakers, that the new camera can buy. It is still unclear who exactly this will do.

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