Qualcomm explains patentruzie with Chinese smartphonemaker Meizu in

Qualcomm explains patentruzie with Chinese smartphonemaker Meizu in

Photo: Qualcomm

Qualcomm has a global patentovereenkomst closed with the Chinese smartphonemaker Meizu. The lawsuits that the chipmaker in different countries filed, of the job.

That the companies Friday announced, reports the Wall Street Journal. Financial details about the deal were not disclosed.

Earlier this week, showed Qualcomm already know that a similar contract was concluded with the also Chinese smartphonefabrikant Gionee. Qualcomm has now patentlicentiedeals with all the major smartphonemakers of China.

Patentlicenties are an important source of revenue for Qualcomm, but they are also controversial. A South Korean regulator gave Qualcomm this week a recordboete because of abuse of power, with patents. In Europe and the USA are still investigating the company.

According to South Korea violates Qualcomm the law to only license to provide creators of smartphones, and not to other companies such as chipmakers. This is the access to the technology of Qualcomm too restricted, ruled the regulator.

Qualcomm can still appeal against the fine. In China the company had recently also to pay a fine, but if the bedrjif its licensing model to continue. China accounts for more than half of the revenue of Qualcomm.

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