Qantas flight diverted due to ‘electrical fault’ days after ‘incredibly loud bang’ garden separate planes

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Two aircraft of the same airline also experience scary midflight incidents that forced the plane to divert from their courses and country beginning.

A Qantas flight was forced to make a sudden landing in Broome, Australia, after experiencing electrical problems, reports. The Monday night flight was originally headed to Sydney, but was forced to divert to Broome. Fortunately, the plane made a safe landing.

In a statement obtained by the, a spokesman for Qantas said: “Qantas flight from Denpasar to Sydney diverted to Broome in the early hours of the morning as a result of an electrical failure. The plane landed safely, and we are working with Broome airport to disembark passengers and re-accommodate them on alternate flights.”

This comes just days after a Qantas flight from Tokyo to Sydney reportedly experienced engine trouble about five hours in the flight on Saturday. The plane, a Boeing 747-400, was able to fly for another two hours on the other engines for the landing at Cairns International Airport.


Passengers on a flight earlier claim that they heard a loud bang, when the engine is off, USA Today reports. One of the passengers even claims that they briefly saw the flames and saw sparks shooting out of the engine. The plane’s other three engines remained in use, and the flight was diverted to a Cairn instead of continuing to Sydney. It landed three hours earlier than expected.

A passenger told The Cairns Post, “I was sitting at the window and there was an incredibly loud bang, and when I looked there was an orange flame and sparks, it was white.”


“In line with standard procedures, the pilots shut down the engine and the flight diverted to Cairns,” Debbie Slade, Qantas fleet safety captain, said in a statement obtained by USA Today. “While customers can heard a loud bang, there was never a danger to the safety of the flight. These devices are designed to safely work on three of the four engines.”

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