Putin wants Russia not engage in new arms race

Putin wants Russia not engage in new arms race

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Russian president Vladimir Putin wants Russia not to engage in a new arms race with the United States.

“We’re not going to invest money that we don’t have,” said Putin in his annual press conference Friday in Moscow. He stressed that Russia, however, military systems have to improve, including “capacities for the breaking of raketschilden”.

Future Us president Donald Trump, of the United States, left Thursday on Twitter know that he’s “nuclear capabilities” of the US wants to expand. “That’s what he said during his campaign. This is nothing new,” says Putin.

According to the Russian president, the present situation is above all the result of the withdrawal of the US from the ABM-treaty to reduce the size of kernwapenarsenalen in 2002. “If someone’s an arms race encourages, then we are not in any case.”


According to Putin respond to Russia only on the developments. “If a party withdraws and the private ‘atoomparaplu’ is going to operate, then the other party the same umbrella open.”

Stressing the president of Russia adheres to all international agreements that have been made, for example, the number of nuclear warheads. Also, inspections by the US allowed.


Putin said capacities to improve to raketschilden to break. “We know that they are, therefore, their defensive systems want to improve. Therefore, there are weapons in Europe dropped. That is busy at this time. I hope that you are conscious of it,” said Putin about the stationing of missiles in the Netherlands by the US.

The development of the weapons is suspected to be a reaction to plans of the United States in Europe for a missile to throw. That is, according to the U.S. intended to face the threat from Iran, but Russia sees it as a threat.

Putin acknowledged that the United States has the most powerful army in the world. But Russia “is stronger than any potential aggressor.” Putin said that the Russian armed forces in 2021 for 70 percent modernized.

United States

Putin also responded to accusations from the united states of Russian interference in presidential elections in the US. “Russia is being used as a scapegoat” responded Putin.

“There are systematic problems in the United States. The defeat is a humiliation for the Democrats.” According to the president, the media and the elite in the USA itself the people are divided.


Also spoke to Putin the hope that the relationship of Russia with Ukraine “sooner or later” will normalize and he know that the murder of the Russian ambassador Andrey Karlov, the relationship with Turkey will not damage.

The president was to speak about the situation in Aleppo. “I don’t want to brag, but without Russia it would have been impossible. We have played a key role in the liberation of Aleppo.”

“Fights are stopped. 100,000 people are from Aleppo evacuated, and thousands of others from villages in the area. We are talking about the largest humanitarian operation to date.”

Russia will next year, talks with Iran and Turkey for a national ceasefire in Syria.

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