Putin sends 755 American diplomats away from Russia

Putin sends 755 American diplomats away from Russia

Photo: AFP

Russian president Vladimir Putin wants to 755 American diplomats to leave. It is a response to the new sanctions of the usa against Russia.

“More than a thousand people working in American diplomatic institutions in Russia”, said Putin in an interview on a Russian television channel. “Should there 755 their operations in Russia to stop.”

Putin says that he for a long time hoped that the relationship between the countries would improve, but that it is not there now to look that the countries in the near future, the links are tightening. “Therefore, I have decided that it is time for us to show that we do not have any action unanswered,” said the president.

Putin states that he is more considering measures, but that he is now not in favour of is. He called the American behaviour towards his country rather “rude and unreasonable”.

Moscow was Friday already clear that the number of American diplomats in Russia on 1 september, no later than 455 should be: the same as the number of Russian diplomats in the US. It was at that time not yet clear how many diplomats from the U.S., as a result of that decision, Russia had to leave.


The Us Senate voted Thursday by a large majority in a sanctions that Russia will find. If the reasons for the alleged Russian interference in the American presidential elections and military role of Russia in Ukraine and Syria.

The Kremlin denies to have interfered with the American elections. As a result of the Russian annexation of the Crimea put western countries in 2014 already imposed sanctions on Russia.


Former president Barack Obama had at the end of last year, 35 Russian diplomats the U.S. to expand. Putin struck not back immediately with countermeasures. He stated first want to look at how the successor of Obama, president Trump, would approach towards Moscow.

The states have multiple diplomatic posts in Russia. The embassy is in Moscow, but there are also consulates in Saint-Petersburg, Yekaterinburg and Vladivostok.

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