Putin on U.S. elections: don’t blame me, Dems


Don’t blame me for your defeat in the election, but look in the mirror, the Russian President Vladimir Putin informed U.S. Democrats on Friday.

Speech on his marathon annual press conference in Moscow, an annual event, the Russian leader offered his analysis of the American political scene.

“Democrats are losing on all fronts and in search of people, the blame anywhere,” he said. “You need to learn how to lose with dignity.

“The democratic party not only lost the presidential elections, but the elections in the Senate and Congress. ….Is that also my job?”, he said.

He went on to ridicule Democrats for never-say-efforts to overturn the Nov. 8 presidential election, the first call told, then tried to flip voters.

“The fact that the current government party, the “Democratic” has obviously forgotten the original meaning of the name is obvious, if not to take into account to leave unscrupulous use of the administrative resource and appeals to the voters, to the voters a ” choice,” Putin said, according to the Russian news Agency Tass.

The former KGB officer even called President Ronald Reagan, the staunch anti-Communist, worked with the Soviet party chief Mikhail Gorbachev to end the Cold war in the 1980s.

“I think that Reagan would have been glad to see that representatives of his party to win everywhere,” the President said. “And he would have been happy for the newly elected President [Donald Trump], who was sensitive enough to feel the whims of the society and worked exactly in the paradigm, the end, although no one but you and I believed that he would win.”

“Outstanding personalities in American history from the ranks of the Democratic party would probably turn in their graves. [Franklin D.] Roosevelt would be safe.”

Supporters of the defeated democratic standard-bearer Hillary Clinton quoted, the alleged Russian “hacking” the choice for you surprising loss on Nov. 8.

Putin pulled back his press conference the following day to attend the funeral of his Ambassador to Turkey, Andrei Karlov, has been murdered, because one of Ankara’s art gallery in a brazen public shooting by a Turkish police officers shout slogans about the war in Syria.

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