Putin is, liberalism is ‘unnecessary’, and criticises Merkel’s

The Russian president, Vladimir Putin, considers that it is liberalism obsolete and that is the best time to be had by all. According to him, the political force of the last few years, in vain, attempted to make the changes in the area of immigration in Europe and the united states. He cheers himself with the growth of national populism is increasing, reports the Financial Times.

Putin says that people are ready to have open borders and migration flows. According to him, it disappears in a multi-cultural feel, increasingly, as “immigrants can murder, plunder, and rape without consequences, as the rights they have as immigrants to be protected”.

The statements made by Putin are similar to those of the French radical right politician Marine Le Pen, the Italian deputy prime minister Matteo Salvini, who argued that the liberal government has little intervention in the area of immigration.

Instead, they would “merely going through the motions in a multi-cultural society would have to embrace, with a lot of attention to sexual diversity.

Vladimir putin says there is no problem with that, but he gives up on that train of thought, not of the culture and the traditional values of millions and millions of people are allowed to overwhelm”.

‘Germany is a big mistake to accept refugees’

The 66-year-old, the Russian head of state expressed, on the eve of the g-20 summit held in Japan, and also the strong criticism the German chancellor, Angela Merkel, who, according to him, it was a “huge mistake” because since 2015 the “millions and millions” of refugees in Germany.

His American counterpart, Donald Trump, had praise for the approach of the border with Mexico. It is, according to Putin’s bad as long as no-one will do anything about a “mass-immigration”.

EU president Donald Tusk said in a response to the “very much agree” with vladimir Putin. He calls it the rule of the oligarchs, and authoritarianism “obsolete”.


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