Putin denies Russian involvement in the hack Democratic y

Putin denies Russian involvement in the hack Democratic y

Russian president Vladimir Putin denies that the Russian state was involved in the hack on the computer systems of the U.s. Democratic y.

“I know nothing of,” he said in an interview with news agency Bloomberg. “Russia has at the state level, not been.”

At the hack in the leadership of the party were internal emails stolen, which were later published by klokkenluiderssite Wikileaks. It turned out that the leadership of the party in the interest of state Hillary Clinton acted for the presidential elections.

American experts and security forces have stated that there is evidence that Russia is behind the hack. It is suspected that hackers in the employ of or supported by the state of the computer attacks have performed.


According to Putin, it is difficult, if not impossible, to traces to check. “You know how many hackers there are today. That work is so refined, that they have a track at the right time in the right place can leave. Even detect that to other hackers or countries.”

“Is it really important?” he asked then. “Does it matter who did it? The most important thing is that the information is made public. This should a discussion arise.”


The hacking of the systems and subsequent leaking of information was harmful for the Us presidential election. The Democratic y is therefore in a bad light.

“To be honest, I didn’t know that this kind of information as would be interesting for the American society. To know you really have a finger on the pulse keep by the Americans. I don’t know whether our buitenlandexperts as good entered.”

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