Put 2017 fervently in: ideas for a festive winter barbecue

Imagine, for a moment: it’s dark and cold outside, but you warm clothes and with blushing cheeks to a crackling fire with a lot of friends around you, while the air fills with the smell of delicious food. You will also be so happy of that idea? Then you need this weekend to decide on the barbecue, covered with dust!

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We associate barbecue with summer, but actually, that’s a shame. Also when the temperature of the freezing point flirting, fire is a pure and fantastic way to have a feast to prepare. The food, you will maybe want to do, but baking in the fresh air, you’ll guaranteed get such a warm feeling that you’re wondering why you would have a gourmetplaat. Late this year, so feel free to dust collecting in the closet and choose for the real work!


Fire up your barbecue, but do not hold to a single heat source. Put a few fire pits and large candles down for the team at the grill. Keep them warm with a aperitiefglaasje soup, then they can, meanwhile the other appetizers on the grill.

  • Bloemkoolroomsoep with roquefort
  • Oysters in the shell
  • Marinated chicken wings
  • Portabella with goat cheese and grilled peppers
  • Grilled cheeses


At a traditional barbecue the priority on the quantity of the meat is often above the quality. For this festive occasion, you have to stay rather far away from the kilopakken sausages, burgers, in advance, marinated spare ribs and brochettes.

  • Grilled lobster with herbs
  • Potatoes and oriental style
  • Marinated pork belly
  • Grilled scallops with peterselieboter and whiskey
  • Grilled aubergineplakken with fresh goat cheese and black pepper

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Main course

For the main course you can choose the better ingredients. Rather than five different meats, choose one or two solid pieces that together with savory side dishes to the meal. Very nice to have that side dishes as simple as possible and to step away from the typical ‘salads’. A whole corn on the cob, glistening from the butter, or sweet slow cooked onions… those are the side dishes where you warm. (And if you do there are several different kinds of on the table can convert, all you need for a vegetarian in the company, not something separate.)

  • Pork loin with sage and mustard
  • Côte à l’os with herb butter
  • Wild rice salad with vegetables and quail eggs
  • Under the salt crust baked potatoes with tartar sauce
  • Grilled fennel with vermouth and goat cheese
  • Caramelized knoflookUien in papillot
  • Boiled corn with butter and parsley

Also fun to do is easy bread to make. This recipe you can even use it over a conventional fire pit:

Ingredients for 16 broodsticks:

260 g flour

2 tsp baking powder

1 tsp salt

60 ml olive oil

180 ml warm water

How to do it:

Mix all ingredients and knead until you have a homogeneous, smooth dough. Take a piece of dough and roll it into a long sausage. Then wrap each strip of dough around a skewer or clean branch in a spiral shape. Bake for about five minutes over the fire. For the extra fancy version you can add some dried herbs such as rosemary and thyme to the dough.


After pure meal there is nothing better than just a dessert to end with. With pleasure we acknowledge our classics. Enjoy with a rich, steaming cup of hot chocolate or a warming drink. Happy new year!

  • Roasted bananas
  • Marshmallows with chocolate and peanuts
  • 7 original chocolademelkrecepten

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