“Purchase pet would have with a manual should come’

“Purchase pet would have with a manual should come’

153 mammals may from July will no longer be kept as a pet. On the white and black list which animals are and which are not held are allowed to be. But only such a list is not enough to preventing animal suffering, to find AAP and the Protection of animals.

“I am pleased that there is now a list, that process has taken a long time,” said David van Gennep, director of Stichting AAP. “But how the list is implemented, it makes me sad. Since 1992, there have already been talked about and there is a lot of money, time and effort spent. And now, says the government: the implementation of the houderijvoorschriften let to the sector.”

At the end of January brought the government to a black list, with 153 mammals by July 1, no longer held. These may be the owners, but until the animals died, but they have to be registered and they may not raise them. They presented a list with 123 mammals that are still allowed. There are still lists that are specified on birds, fish and reptiles.

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Potential danger

The animal Protection society is by the ministry consulted about the process of creating the lists, which eventually by independent experts is composed. “There is more attention to the potential danger of an animal for humans and others animals, and whether or not the animal is suitable for a captive life”, says Niels Dorland of the Cspa.

“There are so many animals by consumers in-house, and that they ask themselves: do I know enough? For example, think of a turtle that is in a cheap plastic tray is stopped that is too cold for him. The three idiots that such an animal to buy, but to a large number of individuals. Often they mean well and they want something a bit special, but there should be a guide.”

The skunk, the prairie dog and porcupine are the animals that are now on the black list and that more often than one thinks as a pet to be kept.

It is unknown to what numbers it comes. “That is not registered,” says Lane. “We only see the numbers of the shelters and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Then it is already too late.”

Health problems

Van Gennep sees on the ‘white list’ still animals that don’t belong there. There is still research to be done. Especially dangerous is that the vendors, as it looks now, we are not obligated to sell the houderijvoorschriften to give, with all possible consequences. “The caregiver recognizes, for example, health problems not. An unfit animal as a pet, only losers.”

That can go to the care of a kangaroo or deer, but also to pets such as rabbits. Researchers from the faculty of Veterinary medicine of Utrecht University to go at the request of the animal Protection investigations or rabbits as pets to be kept happy. So many animals in a small loft or are they too much alone.

Dorland thinks that in the future such investigations be held. “In Switzerland, for example, is written in the law that certain animals in pairs should be kept, such as parakeets. As far as we are in the Netherlands not yet, but there we go. Twenty years ago, we did something not yet imagined, but for the same money we have a similar law here in twenty years – or perhaps even earlier.”

“So are dogs on the white list. But regular people by an aggressive dog bitten. The question is whether it is wise for such a animal.”


The government wants to be so now that the sector requirements in full to avoid such situations, but as long as this is not required by law will, according to Van Gennep also not always going to happen.

“We are pleased that a number of animals not suitable is found to keep as pets. But for the animals that are still held may be changing now actually but little. Due to the wide variety of providers, including a lot of via the internet, lends the sector is not for self-regulation. A lot of animals are using online marketplaces, sold, and that trend will only continue. Thus, it is an old-fashioned idea of the government to think that the sector that educate, however, can take on.”

AAP calls, therefore, for a hotline where owners can call with questions and where problems can be registered. The foundation would like this task to take and has this to secretary Martijn van Dam. “At this moment I have still no response received, but I think the chance is big that such a hotline. The Second Room is the positieflijst a good phenomenon, but that is the half of the story. The rest must still be arranged.”

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