Puerto Rico has a new governor after the intervention of the supreme court

Puerto Rico, which has, within a week, the third governor to be received. On August 3, installed, Pedro Pierluisi, is, according to the supreme court of justice of the isle of illegally elected. He has been the minister of Justice, Wanda Vázquez.

The supreme court of the politicians and the lingering economic crisis-hit island decided on Wednesday that the appointment of Pierluisi onconstitutioneel, as it was only due to the Puerto Rican House of Representatives, was adopted, and not by the Senate.

The history of Pierluisi explained in last weekend’s the vow, after the governor, Ricardo Rosselló include a function set out under the pressure of the protesters.

Distress vrouwonvriendelijke comments

Rosselló was in the excitement after the messages in a group chat with top aides uitlekten. It was more of a female politician decided to “whore”, and the spot price is driven by a huge courtyard that is filled to overflowing was in the aftermath of the storm, Mary in 2017.

About one-third of the total of the 3.2 million Puerto Ricans went to the streets at his departure, to no avail. Rosselló was a period of time to refuse, but he chose to lay his money when it became clear that he had few allies it had. He pushed himself to his successor, Pierluisi at the front.


‘Haatappjes’ the governor, are, drop to the protesters, and Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is in an economic mess

The new governor will bring an end to the strife on the island, but it remains to be seen, as Vázquez is being used by many of the 3.2 million inhabitants, is seen as a politician of the old guard.

Puerto Rico, which is due to years of budget deficits, is in deep debt, sunk, and is, in fact, bankrupt. The island, which is part of the US, but it does not have the status of a full-fledged state, it is the devastation that hurricane Maria of the form are also not made it to the top.


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