Puerto Rico crowds hail, Governor, resign, remove, but I have to say, there are still a lot of corrupt people ‘

close tovideo celebrations spill into the streets of San Juan, Puerto Rico’s Governor resigns

Crowds in San Juan firecrackers and the streets moments flooded after learning Gov. Ricardo Rosselló plans to leave office; Bryan Llenas reports.

Protesters among the cheering crowds to celebrate the resignation of Puerto Rico Gov. Ricardo Rosselló in the old town of San Juan told Fox News on Thursday that they were relieved”,” he step down-but that there was still “a lot of corrupt people, we want to get out of here.”

Rosselló announced late Wednesday night that he will forego his post next Friday, to be the first Governor to resign in the history of the U.S. island territory. The decision came after more than a week of protests against him, egged on by a leak of crude and offensive chat messages between Rosselló and his top advisers.

“We have the first guy, but there are a lot of corrupt people, we want to get out of here,” Rafael Munoz, who was among the thousands celebrating outside the governor’s mansion in old San Juan to the resignation, said Fox News. “Most of all, I’m relieved.”

Rosselló announcement of the fireworks were set off was met with the sounds of Puerto Rico’s capital, as residents were yelling, banging pots and pans and play music.


“I can’t believe it, too. I can’t describe it at all. This is historic,” said Jamie Reyes, another demonstrator. “I feel like I’m to pinch myself. And check to see the news in order to whether or not he’s actually telling the truth.”

The leaked discussions, reports leaked that the Governor showed himself mocking-women, homosexuals, political opponents and victims of hurricane Maria.

In a message, Rosselló allegedly called New York politician of Puerto Rican descent, a “w—e” and described another as a “daughter of the ex–h -.” A chat included vulgar references to Latin pop star Ricky Martin of his homosexuality.

People celebrate outside the governor’s mansion, after Ricardo Rossello announced that he will exit Aug. 2 after nearly two weeks of protests and political unrest, which touched off by a leak of crude and offensive chat messages between him and his top advisors.


More than a dozen officials have already resigned, because the chats were discontinued, and Rosselló of the announcement of his own departure, legislators, threats of impeachment.

Puerto Rico house of representatives is now considering to go through the impeachment process anyway, as the President said to the Radio Isla station on Thursday that he has doubts that Rosselló will keep his word.

The Minister of justice Wanda Vázquez is the person in the line to take Rosselló post, the takeover of more than half of Rosselló four-year term and always Puerto Rico, the second wife of the Governor.

Puerto Rico Gov. Ricardo Rossello meets with mayors from his party within the Yolanda Guerrero Cultural Center in Guaynabo, Puerto Rico, on Sunday. (AP/Miami Herald)

The upheaval comes as the island seeks to restructure part of the $ 70 billion in debt and finished with a 13-year recession, which has led to an exodus of nearly half a million people on the U.S. mainland in the last ten years. Many Puerto Ricans are angry about the resulting pension cuts, school closings and other cost-saving measures.

The economic crisis is partly a result of the previous administrations — including the Rosselló father, Pedro, the overspent, overestimated revenues and borrowed millions, as the island sank deeper and deeper into debt. In 2017, Puerto Rico, filed for the equivalent of bankruptcy. The Congress approved a financial package, and a Federal Board of management oversees the island’s finances.


Rosselló spent much of his time as Governor of the austerity measures and the search for federal funds to fight devastated after Maria, the island in September 2017, cause thousands of deaths and more than 100 billion dollars in damage.

But almost two years later, approximately 30,000 houses always have a Plane yet, the roofs, power outages remain frequent, and Puerto Rico, has received less than a third of the approximately 40 billion US dollars pledged by the U.S. government.

Fox News’ Bryan Llenas, Brie Stimson, Danielle Wallace, and the Associated Press contributed to this report.

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