Publishing company needs book, Cruyff, correct, because of assertion about the payment

In the district court of Amsterdam on Friday, determined that the book of Dutch soccer legend Johan Cruyff, The biography, the rectification of it should be claimed that Cruijff’s money, had been adopted by the Johan Cruyff Foundation. The foundation has had a preliminary injunction has been requested.

The company should have a sheet of paper and attached to the book, where this correction is on. Also, the reference of the payment in the next edition of the book. [citation needed]

He and the Chef, and the author of the book, said on Friday that he had doubts as to the truth of his assertion, that the Dutch soccer legend Johan Cruyff, money has been given by the Johan Cruyff Foundation. He has been willing to publicly put right.

Cook, in his biography of the 2016 death of football legend wrote that Cruijff every year 1 million of the Johan Cruyff Foundation received the use of his name and image.

The cook tried not to react to ruling

After the session wanted to be a Cook, at the urging of his lawyer, will have no effect on the outcome of a case. However, he was clearly moved by the case. During the meeting, he said that it was never his intention had been to make this accusation is to express yourself.

The cook went to the launch of the book in Amsterdam, the netherlands. He said that this would not be as festive, but a lot more subdued.


The writer of the biography Cruyff, through the fabric during the presentation

“When a serious accusation, to hear both sides of the argument’

The court referred to the statement that Cruyff have assumed that meant it was for a good cause is a serious accusation. “And if you have a serious allegation like this to hear both sides of the argument,” said the judge.

The cook says his / her information from three reliable sources, however, their claims had not been submitted to the foundation. “And the Cook will not have acted in accordance with good journalistic principles,” it found the right one.

Member of the board Thate emotion during the hearing

Carole Thate, director of the foundation, became emotional during the hearing and in response to the knowing that this was the case, the person is Cruyff hits, and his legacy.

“This man has got so used to the foundation, and that this was to happen after his death,” said Thate. “We have to have this kind of accusation is always the need to avoid, and that is why we are so open about their finances.” The family of Cruyff was, according to Thate, for the full 100 per cent behind going to be the court of law.

The outcome is Thate partially satisfied. “As a sheet of paper and gets rid of the black and white face. However, with all of the attention that is given to you, lets people know that this can’t be right.”

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