Public order on Sint Maarten ‘more under control’

Public order on Sint Maarten ‘more under control’

The looting on St. Maarten bring forth the inhabitants of the island. But the police and the army to get there rapidly more manpower in order to maintain said marinecommandant Peter Jan de Vin Friday night.

Now, twenty agents of Curaçao and twenty agents of Aruba flown, said The Fin by Nieuwsuur. Get there quick, fifty police officers of a cooperative effort of the police on the netherlands Antilles is active.

“Tomorrow I will fly another hundred marines inside. So that is coming soon, still a considerable amount of additional manpower that we can deploy in the maintenance of public order,” said Vin, the Commander of the Navy in the Caribbean.

According to the commander of the public order “more and more under control at the touch”. But still there are messages about looting.

A hotel manager made in Nieuwsuur clear that he is very unsafe it felt. He said no military to have seen and sketched the image that robbers have free play. “I have but one thing and that is someone with a gun for the door,” he said.


The local newspaper The Daily Herald reports that several hotels have already fell prey to looters. Police officers and marines seized in the hotel in the place Pelican and arrested five men, writes the newspaper. The police are the people asked to stay inside. Officially is a curfew in force.

Marinecommandant The Vin recognizes that it is at night, “grim”. He stressed further that the enforcement of the order is not the responsibility of the marines, but of the local authorities in Sint Maarten. “We support it.”

Sint Maarten is an autonomous country within the Kingdom of the Netherlands. According to the commander, working together with the local police ‘excellent’.


Summary: Hurricane Irma leaves trail of destruction behind in Caribbean


Because the means of communication on Sint Maarten it is barely functioning, probably know not everyone on the island that even a hurricane is on the way. Jose, now a hurricane of the fourth category, pulls in the night from Saturday to Sunday (local time) along the island.

“We try as much as possible around to tell”, citing the Red Cross Friday rampencoördinator Hugo Rafaela, who is on the island. Also the marine light as many people as possible.

Commander André van der Kamp of navy vessel Zr.Ms. Zealand showed via Twitter know that soldiers with a fast boat, a so-called FRISC, to remote areas to warn people and give them an address list with all of the shelters to hand over.

The U.s. National Hurricane Center calls Jose “an extremely dangerous hurricane”. Weerplaza expected that the second hurricane, just days after the devastating Irma, at some distance along the north of St. Maarten attracts.

Phone not available on St Maarten. FRISC patrol to remote areas with warning for #Jose and ad…


Time of placing
18:05 – 08 september 2017

Wind speed 8-12

The question is still how hard the island this time will be hit. There may be the weather bureau is still no certainty about. It may wind force 8, but according to the current data of Weerplaza is force 12 also not to be excluded.

Earlier in the day showed a major general of the Marines Richard Oppelaar know that the military additional military aid ready for when hurricane Jose St. Maarten brushes.

“Hurricane Jose a bit earlier to Sint Maarten than planned, we are now looking at how we best can be of help after hurricane Jose. That is permanently our issue,” said the commander.

Hurricane Irma causes havoc on Windward Islands

Slowly it is becoming more and more clear about the damage that hurricane Irma has caused on Sint Maarten.

From the air the damage in Sint Maarten good to see.
© A

High waves near the coast of Sint Maarten.

The NH90 helicopter of the Royal Navy made Wednesday afternoon local time a first reconnaisance flight over the island.

The airport on St. Maarten.

Point Blanche in Sint Maarten after hurricane Irma is visited.

Readers send photos of the situation on Sint Maarten.
© Koen Soonius and Dave Knotter

The damage on the island of St-Maarten is significantly.
© Soonius and Dave Knotter

Entire houses have collapsed as a result of the hurricane Irma.

First images of Sint Maarten show that hurricane Irma on the island wreaked havoc has done.
© Youtube

The French government has let us know that a number of solid buildings, such as a police station and an army barracks have been damaged, so the expectation is that less-strong buildings not much better.
© Peter Jan de Vin/Defense

In the capital Philipsburg is a case of heavy flooding and damage.

Collomb has three additional between to the hard-hit islands of Sint Maarten and Saint-Barthélemy sent.
© Royal Navy

Irma is a hurricane of the worst category with wind speeds up to 295 kilometers per hour.
© Weerplaza

Messages that residents of the affected island leave, speak of devastation as a result of the hard gusts of wind. It comes to weggewaaide roofs and power poles, fallen trees, and even fires in houses.
© @Zeliard91

A lot of people have in recent days tried as much as possible to make preparations to Irma to resist.

Also have most of the population, large stocks of water and food in the game for a number of days in the house to survive, should the need arise.

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Sint Maarten was Wednesday hit hard by Irma, a hurricane of the category 5. For a long time communication was impossible, and little by little more clear about the scale of the disaster.

Oppelaar estimates that 70 percent of the infrastructure on the island is destroyed. Due to the lack of means of communication is the public administration of Sint Maarten as well as flat.

On Sint Maarten fell at least two dead. There are also 43 wounded, of whom eleven serious, made minister Ronald Plasterk on Friday announced during a press conference. One of the fatal victims, according to Plasterk during the hurricane probably died of natural causes.

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