‘Public health in Europe is the subject of the proceedings due to doubts about the vaccine’

A wide-ranging investigation by the independent, a British foundation, the Wellcome have found that people in more and more European countries are in any doubt about the safety and efficacy of the vaccines against childhood illnesses. This is the public health risk, states the world health organization (WHO).

In total, 140,000 people were interviewed. In Eastern Europe, “only” half of that vaccines are safe, then about 65 per cent of eight vaccines to be effective, and eight out of ten survey respondents say that children are obligated to get vaccinated should be made. In Western Europe, that is, respectively, 59, 77, and 83 percent of the time.

France tightens up the pieces. One in three French people does not agree with the statement that vaccines are safe and secure. The 20 percent that believe that the immunizations would not be effective, and one in ten thinks that the children will not necessarily be vaccinated and don’t need.

According to the president, Seth Berkley of the aid organization, Vaccine Alliance, to take on the doubts about the vaccine in Europe, because of the disease less prevalent in the ‘rich countries’. Therefore, parents are reluctant to allow their children to be vaccinated. In developing countries, more than 90 percent of the Dutch population a positive view of vaccines are.

In addition, with the advent of social media has an important role to play, due to the spread of misinformation.

‘To have doubts about, vaccines are a threat to public health’

In the meantime, the doubts raised about vaccines in a toptienlijst of the WTO, with threats to health, reports the NRC. At the top of that list is air pollution, and climate change.

In the Wellcome report, it is emphasized that if the children are to be vaccinated, “this is the whole group may be protected. If too few people are vaccinated, then there are outbursts, such as in the Ukraine, where last year more than 53,000 children, the measles vaccine were given, according to the NRC.


A lot more at risk from measles in Europe, and This has been going on


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