‘Psychiatric patients would more often opt for therapy than medication’

‘Psychiatric patients would more often opt for therapy than medication’

People who seek professional help for psychological problems such as depression or panic disorders, would rather agree with therapy than medication.

Patients would, according to an analysis of the American Psychological Association, three times as often as their medical treatment, to refuse, or not complete if medication instead of psychotherapy prescribed.

People who suffer from depression and social anxiety disorders two times as often medication refuse, while people with panic disorders this three times as often would do.

During the analysis looked at 186 studies involving over 17,000 patients, of which 8 percent is the recommended treatment plan is refused. In addition, it was investigated whether patients their prescribed treatment plan finished.

According to the researchers, during the analysis did not look at the reasons why patients, their treatment plan, refused, or not finished, but they have different theories about.

So would patients the feeling that therapy, more than medication, a thorough approach to the complexity of their psychological problems to deal with. Some patients would also be difficult to understand how medication in the brain works, and therefore prefer to avoid, according to researchers.


“Medication such as antidepressants can do a lot to help people and there are plenty who see it as a quick and easy tool. But I think a lot of other people with their problems as too complex and are concerned that medication is only a temporary and superficial solution to the difficulties that face them in their lives are confronted,” says Roger Greenberg, professor of SUNY Upstate Medical University and co-author of the study.

It is striking that the researchers could find no significant difference found in the refusal or acceptance of the treatment plan for patients who have a combination of therapy or medication underwent. According to experts, is a combination of these two is often the most successful way to psychological issues to deal with.

Thus, it offers psychotherapy help with factors outside the psychological condition of patients can deteriorate, while medication helps with the psychological and chemical effects in the brain occur.

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