PSV, where a wonderful sensor in the making

The Volkskrant looking for in a series of how the Dutch football can be better. Last week went on a visit to PSV, where a wonderful sensor in the making.

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To football players fitter, it is becoming more and more technology available. That they know also at PSV, that approaching his 24th title. Eponym, founder and sponsor Philips is in the core of a company of inventors. In that spirit wants PSV continue to evolve. Innovation is a pillar in the clubbeleid.

The Volkskrant went to Luc van Agt search, the coordinator of the performance department of the Eindhoven club. The work of Van Agt and his team focuses on improving body, mind, and thinking of the players, both the pros and the youth. Van Agt: ‘Our role is supportive, the coach decides. We need the language of the coach understanding, and the coach of the sports scientists. In Phillip Cocu PSV has a head coach that is very for open.’

The performance department is more concerned with the mental state of players and train their cognitive abilities. This is tested with the program Intelligym. Van Agt: ‘We walked with the question: how can we have the concentration and focus increase?’ Intelligym, previously used by ice hockey players, similar to a computer game, in which all kinds of decisions have to be taken, so the speed of action is increased. Juniors who performed well with Intelligym also proved to make better choices on the field. The results were so hopeful that we can come to a second pilot phase went.’

But the eye catcher at PSV is the participation in a research project that Nano4Sports hot. It is concerned with the development of a chip smaller than a toenail. It contains a sensor that can measure how muscles, joints, and the stress level of the player during training or competition. The sensor, which in the shirt is hidden, that information should also be in plain language directly to the technical staff to communicate. ‘Minute 80. Player X: muscles 60 %, joints 85 %, stress 30 %. Advice: toggle.’ It can take many years for the sensor on the point, but if you don’t try, nothing happens, ” says Van Agt.

Or PSV, still not the richest club of the country, and with a modest talentenbron in the immediate vicinity, especially thanks to the powers of innovation on their way to their third national championship in the last four years, will Of Agt cannot claim. “That depends on many more factors. Your search for small gains that together hopefully a great be.’

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