PSV put titelrace on with Willem II

In the Premier league wants to PSV eindhoven visits Willem II the hole with AJax to close. Earlier in the evening posted ADO Den Haag to a 3-1 victory at Excelsior. Follow everything in our liveblog.

  • Results:
  • ADO Den Haag-Excelsior 3-1
  • Live:
  • Willem II-PSV 0-0

Willem II-PSV · a few seconds geleden10′ A messy beginning of Willem II-PSV. Both teams have struggled to get the ball in the team.Willem II-PSV · 10 minutes agoKick-off! The ball rolls in Tilburg, the netherlands for Willem II-PSV.Willem II-PSV · 11 minutes geledenDe players to enter the field of Koning Willem II Stadium.

1 – HERE WE GO! ⚡️

AvatarAuteurPSVMoment of plaatsen20:43 – 25 april 2019Willem II-PSV · 14 minutes agoWillem II-PSV · 20 minutes geledenVoor the kick-off takes Willem II farewell crowd pleaser Fran Sol. The striker, 39 times scored in 79 duels in the service of the people of tilburg, made last summer, the move to Dinamo Kiev.

Farewell to Fran Sol at Willem II. He was there last year 3 on #wilpsv (5-0)

AvatarAuteurBart of DooijeweertMoment of plaatsen20:33 – 25 april 2019Willem II-PSV · 25 minutes geledenHet visor of the Premier league is now going on Willem II-PSV, the final race of round 32. The teams warm up now for the Brabant clash.

Let’s goooooo ??

AvatarAuteurPSVMoment of plaatsen20:13 – 25 april 2019ADO Den Haag-Excelsior · 26 minutes ago

Sound: ‘today is not in’
“We hinkten in two minds: one half wanted to go forward, the other backwards”, analyses Excelsior-captain Ryan Koolwijk the 3-1 defeat at ADO Den Haag FOX Sports. “The society was, therefore, there is a lot of space. It is difficult to each other than to reach. We had that faster well need to convert, already was there today not in”, found the midfielder, who recognizes that it is a difficult story for Excelsior. “This we simply have to win.”

ADO Den Haag-Excelsior · 33 minutes agoPast! ADO Den Haag push Excelsior even deeper into the worries in your own home with the 3-1 win. The Locals seem to save itself in the Premier league to need to enforce via the play-offs. With ADO, that thanks to this victory finally safe played, were El Khayati, Bakker and Becker accurate, Fortes scored on behalf of Excelsior.ADO Den Haag-Excelsior · 39 minutes geleden88′ Third change at ADO Den Haag: Yahya Boussakou makes his debut in the Eredivisie, he is coming for Sheraldo Becker.ADO Den Haag-Excelsior · 41 minutes geleden86′ Mounir El Hamdaoui fails to meet the aansluitingstreffer of Excelsior to score. Five meters for the purpose of Robert Zwinkels is aiming for the spire of the city’s inhabitants.ADO Den Haag-Excelsior · one hour geleden80′ Only a 3-1 gap grabs Excelsior-trainer Ricardo Moniz in with a double switch: Ali Messaoud and Denis Mahmudov go to the side, they are replaced by Dennis Eckert and Anouar Hadouir.ADO Den Haag-Excelsior · one hour agoAli Messaoud see the storm all around for Excelsior. The club threatens the playoffs to play for the subscription on the Premier league to be able to extend. The disadvantage on the safe fifteenth place, now in the possession of FC Emmen, is five points, with two more duels in the future. Hekkensluiter NAC, which is five points behind on Excelsior, should still hope for a Houdini act.ADO Den Haag-Excelsior · one hour ago72′ GOAL ADO Den Haag! 3-1

What a mazzeltje for ADO Den Haag and Sheraldo Becker. Becker pulls off with his right, through the foot of Excelsior defender Matthys rolls the ball behind goalkeeper Damen. Excelsior stands for the risky mission in The Hague.ADO Den Haag-Excelsior · one hour geleden71′ Second transition at ADO Den Haag: Tomas Necid replaces Erik Falkenburg.Willem II-PSV · one hour geledenBij PSV debuts Zakaria Aboukhlal in the clash. The 19-year-old right-winger, with a long history in the youth system of Willem II, this season is the revelation for Young PSV. He scored nine goals and was preparing also nine.

A new ??
Zakaria Aboukhlal is the name!

AvatarAuteurPSVMoment of plaatsen19:40 – 25 april 2019ADO Den Haag-Excelsior · one hour geleden51′ First change at ADO Den Haag: John Goossens gets injured in an unfortunate duel. Elson Hay lost him.Willem II-PSV · one hour geledenWordt the title in the Eredivisie tonight at Willem II-PSV decides?

  • No, because PSV will win
  • No, all wins PSV not
  • Yes, because PSV plays equal
  • Yes, because PSV lose

ADO Den Haag-Excelsior · one hour ago50′ Trainer Ricardo Moniz is busy gesturing along the line. His Excelsior is nice out of the starting blocks in the second half.ADO Den Haag-Excelsior · one hour agoKick-off! Excelsior get the ball rolling again for the second half. Manage the the End the 2-1 gap to bend in The Hague?Willem II-PSV · one hour ago,The spotlight of the Premier league are tonight especially focused on Tilburg, where Willem II at 20.45 hours record against PSV. Is Willem II, the banenschil for PSV in the titelrace with Ajax, or keep the Locals the titelaspiraties living?

Preparation Willem II: Forest; Lewis, Peters, Meissner, Dankerlui; Anita, Llonch, Crowley; Vrousai, Isak, Saddiki.

Preparation PSV: Zoet; Dumfries, Schwaab, Viergever, Angelino; Sadilek, The Young, Rosario; Lozano, Times, Bergwijn.ADO Den Haag-Excelsior · 2 hours agoPeace! The supporters in The Hague get their money. ADO and Excelsior are many and scoring their tricks on the loose. ADO showed himself to be a lot more effective in the opposing penalty area and leads earned with 2-1. Nasser El Khayati and Danny Bakker scored on behalf of ADO, when Excelsior was Jeffry Fortes accurate.ADO Den Haag-Excelsior · 2 hours geleden45′ What a chance for Excelsior on the stroke of tranquility. Edwards puts the ball cleverly out wide on Messaoud, which ‘m also close to inkrijgt. With some improvisation works ADO the ball away.ADO Den Haag-Excelsior · 2 hours geleden37’ Excelsior provides cross after cross from both flanks, but that style of play sort have little effect. ADO Den Haag holds simple position.ADO Den Haag-Excelsior · 2 hours ago29′ GOAL ADO Den Haag! 2-1

ADO is back on lead. Danny Baker reads racing touch off a corner kick by John Goossens. Excelsior in trouble again and again.ADO Den Haag-Excelsior · 2 hours geleden20′ After a strong opening phase begins ADO to scaling back. Excelsior tries to the home team early on to hunt, but succeeds even not really.Willem II-PSV · 2-hour geledenOnze reporter Bart van Dooijeweert is present tonight at Willem II-PSV.

Crucial duel in the title: #wilpsv

AvatarAuteurBart of DooijeweertMoment of plaatsen18:45 – april 25, 2019ADO Den Haag-Excelsior · 2 hours geledenEen milestone for the ADO player Nasser El Khayati. He is after his goal against Excelsior at fifty goals involved.

50 – Abdenasser El Khayati scored or assisted 50 League goals in 75 games for @ADODenHaag (28 goals, 22 assists). Milestone.

AvatarAuteurOptaJohanMoment of plaatsen18:40 – 25 april 2019ADO Den Haag-Excelsior · 2 hours ago11′ GOAL Excelsior! 1-1

Excelsior is all rap on the same level. Jeffry Fortes is promoted to the height of the penalty area and a cross from Denis Mahmudov from the right side to the goal. All ADO players stand there looking at it.ADO Den Haag-Excelsior · 2 hours agoADO Den Haag early stage, cheering against Excelsior. Where does this end?ADO Den Haag-Excelsior · 2 hours geleden5′ There is the first possibility for Excelsior. Mahmudov with a ball to El Hamdaoui, who his header little direction whatsoever.ADO Den Haag-Excelsior · 2 hours ago3′ GOAL ADO Den Haag! 1-0

A dramatic beginning for Excelsior in The Hague. Becker put keen on Nasser El Khayati, who coldly ep. ADO leads against Excelsior.ADO Den Haag-Excelsior · 2 hours agoKick-off! In The Hague in the sound of the first whistle of referee Jeroen Manschot. ADO-Excelsior is on the way.ADO Den Haag-Excelsior · 2 hours geledenDe players go to the dressing room for final preparations.

Let’s go! ? #ADOexc

AvatarAuteurADO The Hague ?Time of plaatsen18:23 – 25 april 2019Willem II-PSV · 3 hours geledenPrima circumstances in Tilburg and the Brabant clash between Willem II and PSV.

? Who we see later in the stadium?
#WILpsv #Sold Out

AvatarAuteurWillem IIMoment of plaatsen17:50 – 25 april 2019ADO Den Haag-Excelsior · 3 hours geledenEen striking image during the warm-up: Excelsior-trainer Ricardo Moniz takes Luigi Bruins separately, that an absentee makes an impression now that he’s on the bench is standing. With the hands in the pockets reverses Bruins after the call back in the rondo of the substitutes.ADO Den Haag-Excelsior · 3 hours geledenWat going to ADO Den Haag-Excelsior tonight?

  • Win ADO Den Haag
  • Tie
  • Victory, Excelsior

ADO Den Haag-Excelsior · 3 hours geledenVeel NAC-fans will have their tv tuned to the match between ADO Den Haag and Excelsior. In a victory of Excelsior NAC Breda permanently relegated to the Kitchen Champion Division. NAC lost yesterday with 0-4 from Feyenoord.ADO Den Haag-Excelsior · 4 hours agoNegative record beckons for Beugelsdijk
Tom Beugelsdijk can tonight have a negative record on his name. If the defender of ADO Den Haag tonight against Excelsior against a yellow card problems will be a total of thirteen yellow cards. That would be a record in the Premier league mean. Beugelsdijk, but then immediately suspended for the next duel with Feyenoord.ADO Den Haag-Excelsior · 4 hours agoExcelsior can tonight on a visit to ADO Den Haag the fate of hekkensluiter NAC seal. The team of the recently appointed Ricardo Moniz is required to win of ADO, which at a victory, is assured of another year in the Premier league. When ADO returns Tom Beugelsdijk back from a suspension. The kick-off is at 18.30.

Setup ADO Den Haag: Zwinkels; Malone, Beugelsdijk, Cannon, Meijers; Goossens, a Baker, After all; Becker, El Khayati, Falkenburg.

Installation Excelsior: Damen; Fortes, Mattheij, Old Kotte, Matthys; Messaoud, Schouten, Koolwijk; Edwards, El Hamdaoui, Mahmudov.Eredivisie · 9 hours agoHone sees ‘great step’ to Ajax as a reward
Kjell Sharpen is proud that he is from next season, player of Ajax call. The goalkeeper of FC Emmen hopes after all the commotion surrounding his transition to be able to develop in the Eredivisie-leader. “This transfer is something that I am proud of”, says Hone (19) in conversation with Ajax TV. “This is a great step, of course, and for me a reward for the season. I look forward to be here.”Willem II-PSV · 11 hours agoPSV has in the past few years difficult for Willem II. Although the Locals at home all the duels won since August 2000, was there from since August 2014 not won.Willem II-PSV · 11 hours agoTonight, at 20.45 hours chasing PSV in Tilburg, the netherlands on three points. Last year lost to the Locals by as much as 5-0 Willem II. The goalscorers of when (Fran Sol, three times, and Ben Rienstra, twice) there are now no more.Eredivisie · 14 hours geledenHet program for today in the Premier league:

18.30 pm:
ADO Den Haag-Excelsior

20.45 hours:
Willem II-PSV


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