PSV occur, but just the blamage against amateurs GVVV in KNVB beker

The PSV has a blamage in THE cup, just to know how to prevent it. In the first match since the resignation of coach Mark van Bommel, had the Locals on Wednesday the renewal is necessary in order to deal with a second divisionist GVVV: 1-2.

The Locals were at Sportpark Panhuis just before half-time at 0-1 come, thanks to a Kostas Mitroglou. In the final stage, made a Soufiane Laghmouchi to the end, and then it extended, it had to be in the Woods.

While a lot of the players are already with their minds in a penaltyserie was, it was Muhammad, Ihattaren two minutes before the end of extra time, the decisive hit in.

Coach Ernest Faber is to the end of the season will be the successor of Van Bommel, left the team not to be determined in a set-up appointment. The coach could not be available to the injured Donyell Malen, and Steven Bergwijn was initially quiet it got. The international has had it on the road yet.

Gastón Pereiro is grieving after a late in the second half of the GVVV. (Photo: Pro-Shots)

GVVV force field for a time extension to finish

There was, however, a move for Mitroglou, who will, for the first time this season, with the kick-off was. With the held of the Olympique Marseille, was opened just before half-time the score was by the edge of the penalty area and tap to shoot. Ihattaren had previously been with the post being hit.

The advantage was not very reassuring to be working, for the team to weerde are very brave. Goalkeeper Lars Unnerstall had to, several times, to occur, to the end, to avoid it, while PSV have far too little to create them.

It was a little close to GVVV, after an hour on a 1-to-1 came to be. Unnerstall was looking at a shot of Danny in the Lion, but to the relief of the pitch, it was the goal of the defender is because of the offside, will be rejected.

Six minutes before time and sat on the ball again, and now, the hit is called. The net fall in Laghmouchi got the ball in the penalty area, and had Unnerstall no chance with a shot into the far corner.

The PSV-supporters, showed up with a sign of their displeasure over the government’s policy. (Photo: Pro-Shots)

Ihattaren scored in the 118th minute

Laghmouchi, a former player of AGOVV and FC Volendam, he his hit with a renewal of wonder. Containing know, they made barely any chances, but if the PSV Ihattaren much as they want.

The young man was free, and shot the ball hard into the top corner. He was in a new embarrassment for the Locals, who, in the first half of the season on Saturday shut down a home game in the Premier league, against PEC Zwolle.

Saturday, to know MANU what are the club’s next opponent in the cup, because it will be a tie for the eighth-finals. The eighth finals are on the 21st, 22nd and 23rd of January it was finished.

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