Providers need customers clearer information amendment

Providers need customers clearer information amendment

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Telecom providers have to their customers clearer and inquire if their contract is changed. If a customer does not agree, he must be the contract free of charge end.

That is in the new rules that the Authority Consumer & Market (ACM) on Friday published.

In the past it was possible for telecom providers in amendments to the contract that customers agreed with the changes, unless they are active here against protested. According to the ACM, it was for customers also often unclear if their contract was amended.

From now on, customers must actively accept changes in their contract, such as an extension of the looptermijn. Also need providers to their customers at least one month in advance to inform about changes.

The ACM says through his consumentenloket ConsuWijzer regularly to receive complaints about unexpected amendments.

“Everyone with a phone plan need to be confident that its carrier good information about changes in the contract,” says board member Henk Don of the ACM. “If necessary, we are acting against telecommunications supplier who does not comply with the rules.”

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