Protesters storming Congolese quarantainecentrum for ebola

Protesters who are angry because of the elections in a part of Congo have been delayed, have a quarantainecentrum for people with ebola in the city of Beni attacked. It is possible that there are infected people have fled, notify the authorities.

The outbreak of the ebola infected people is dangerous, because of the disease in a city can easily spread. In Beni home to over 200,000 people.

The unrest erupted after authorities revealed that Beni and Butembo in the North Kivu province and the town of Yumbi in the province of Mai-Ndombe only in march will participate in the elections. In the rest of the country, people will be provisionally on Sunday to the polls.

The opposition calls it a strategy to make the election because the new president on January 18, the oath will take it. The vote in march, therefore, have no meaning.

The elections in the areas have had to be postponed because of ebola and “the ongoing violence”. The elections had basically two years ago should take place, but sitting president Joseph Kabila had too unsafe in the country.

He has been since 2001 on the power.


As combat doctors ebola in Congo

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