Protein administration during sleep allows for effective muscle building

Protein administration during sleep allows for effective muscle building

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Overnight protein administration allows for a faster growth of the muscles. That can help older people, in whom it is difficult for the muscles to maintain.

That says PhD researcher Bart Green, who on Friday promoted to the Maastricht UMC+. Green wanted to know how proteins more effectively contribute to muscle building.

Green examined the elderly, for whom it is harder for muscles to maintain and to build up again after a period of illness or bed rest.

Proteins are converted in the body into amino acids. The phd candidate discovered that over half of the amino acids into the blood, after which a muscle is. Because this process in the elderly during the day is too slow, looked at Green, or at night to gain.

Electro stimulation

Green had served in a number of elderly people during the night 40 grams of protein through a probe. Because of this, there were more amino acids in the blood, and went into the production of muscles faster.

The nightly muscle building can be further stimulated by the so-called neuromuscular electrostimulation. These are muscle contractions induced by electric shocks.

Except for electrostimulation and overnight protein administration may also help to briefly for the sleep proteins. “Maintaining muscle mass and strength for adults is important, but sometimes difficult. We now have a relatively simple method that can help.”

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