Changing Your Job

Pros and Cons of Changing Your Job

I remember a study from when I was just starting to look for my first job. I can’t remember who researched it, but the study showed that, in order to stay healthy, every person had to change his or her job at least every 7 years.

In financially stable democratic countries that’s not impossible. All you need to do is look through the ads, apply for a job that suits your skills, experience and/or education, and wait. Perhaps those times are forever behind us, with the financial crisis we’ve been experiencing for a few years now, but let’s not be pessimists.

Let’s say you do have options and you have plenty of jobs available. When is a good time to change your job? Is it really 7 years, or is it completely individual?

What are some of the factors people take into consideration when applying for a job?

1) What is the pay level. This is what people are usually most interested in when being interviewed for a job they applied to.

2) What is the work atmosphere like. This is what people are actually most interested in, though they only recognize it when they are too stressed out at work. When faced with an option to have a lower salary and no stress at work, or a fantastic pay and a horrible boss, most people will choose the first option. The bad thing is that you can’t really tell what your work atmosphere will be like from a job interview.

3) What tasks does the work position entail. I assume people don’t often apply for a position that they’d completely hate, or a position where they’d feel completely incompetent. Still, a job specification can always bring some surprises. It’s pretty important how you’ll spend 8 hours of each working day.

4) What are the work hours. Included in this factor are also issues regarding paid vacation time, sick days, holidays, end-of-year bonuses, benefits, etc. Some people simply won’t work on weekends, no matter how much they’d make. Their time is more valuable than money.

5) How far away is the job location. Think twice before accepting a job that’s located more than an hour away by car.

If for any reason in regard to these 5 factors you become dissatisfied at your work, it is time to look for another job. First you need to recognize what’s the most important to you. Is it the paycheck? Is it the stress-free environment? Or, maybe, it’s the feeling of actually doing something meaningful and useful to other people. Whatever it is, I wish you luck in attaining it.

Author bio:

Ana Brady writes about nutrition, green living, sound mind and healthy body, family fun, etc. She also spends time working on a project on vinyl sheet labels

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