Proper Etiquette for doing the shopping : this is (or is not) at the grocery store

Get a donut with your child in your shopping cart straight into the path of park, or make a call while the cashier your groceries is scanning. Etiquette expert, Anne-Marie van Leggelo-van den Berkmortel, explains how the “heurt” in the grocery store.

The supermarket is just the same as the movement in a social setting with unknown people. A first hint Of Leggelo is, therefore, to be patient, and try to take into account to keep up with each other, and with the staff.

“Driving a shopping cart, do you prefer to use the left side of the aisle. And you put a cart in the aisle and just walking away to do something on a different shelf, it has to address,” says Van Leggelo.

According to the etiquette experts, there are also people who have completely forgotten that there were other people shopping in the process. “Make sure that you are not opposed to the other shopping carts pronounced. Personally, I think that you will not be too long for a shelf, it has to be. If you have doubts and still don’t know exactly what it is you want to grab, then let someone else who is quick with a pot of apple sauce wants to go ahead.

This is as it should be in the grocery store

  • Just be patient and keep up with each other
  • Drive up and park on the left side of the aisle
  • Let other people go first
  • Put the products you don’t really take myself back to the right place
  • If you have something to drop, but the grocery store on the
  • Take something to snack with your child
  • Do you have in the coffee bar
  • Do be kind and courteous to the cashier
  • Please note that your predecessor in the band, he has plenty of space.
  • Turn off car, or to cart out

Do not put the cucumber in between the cookies

Vakkenvullers have the best press. Therefore, it is not good for a whole bunch of questions about where to go, what the product is, according to Van Leggelo. “You really can’t find it, fine, but ask him to at least be polite. And the place itself is that you eventually don’t want to buy it back in the right place. So it’s no egg in between the biscuit or a can of orange soda in between of the deodorant.”

On the other hand, if there is something you drop it, it will Leggelo to the grocery store to clean it up. “Well, you are the customer, and that’s something that can actually be done. The best thing you can do is the staff will notify the area warn that there may be broken pieces, or it is very slow.”

“Have something to eat, or a container to be sealed, it is not done.”
Anne-Marie van Leggelo-van den Berkmortel, etiquette expert

Van Leggelo has, personally, have little trouble with the parents who send their child to get a croissant, or a sandwich, but can understand the annoyance. “This product is going, of course, you have to pay at the cash register. If you do it smart want to, do you, as a parent, you will always have a small snack from home to bring in for your child. Even had a package opened up, it is really not done.”

Now that we’re about to have children: “Let your children run around the store and yell, especially not to the supermarket for your kids. They are in the play area, to keep the pin in place. As a parent, you are responsible for them.

A lot of supermarkets these days have a water cooler or the coffee bar. Van Leggelo, “There are a number of unwritten rules so there is not unlimited free coffee, and stick in the table – if it is not too long occupied. Make sure that other people have the ability to get more than what you want, waste no time.”


So tempted to supermarkets you have to buy more

Mount your phone in the row in front of the cash register

Once you reach the cash register, there is the discretion to regularly be hard to find. “If there was another cash register is opened, then the people in front of you in the queue for the opportunity to be the first of the new ticket office is to close, will Leggelo. “And mount your phone as if you are in the front yard, especially when you get to the cashier you have arrived.”

Another point: the beurtbalkje’, in other words, the “kassabanddivider’. “On the one hand, it is helpful to have the pole start out with the message of your pastor, but please leave enough room in the band for his or her needs. In fact it is better with the bar behind your groceries back.”

Once you’ve settled in, have to your cart, or the cart back in its place. “Make sure that your shopping cart, to restore to the other cars, and so it is not loose in the parking lot,” said Van Leggelo. “Make sure that he is to be hung, and don’t leave any waste behind. The same holds true for the shopping cart. To put it straight on the pile.”

A word of advice from Van Leggelo, for those who are quickly irritated at people in the grocery store: “Some people do the shopping just do not like it. If you are not good at busy, please try in a moment like that, it’s calm down a bit. Or you can order online. This way, you gets irritated, and in your time, others will notice.”

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