Proper Etiquette at the dinner: ‘Please, not afterwards, out of nowhere, a little’

How should it be done by Christmas, at home, at the table? An etiquette expert and butler will provide you with some tips regarding the decoration of the dinner table, the conversation at the table, and whether or not you like it or not, a bottle of wine for the hostess, it belongs to take.

By butler, Laurens Spanjersberg, and etiquette expert, Anne-Marie van Leggelo-van den Berkmortel do with the holidays at home, things don’t seem to be stiff and tight.

“It’s not a restaurant,” says Spanjersberg. “Well, do something geinigs with the first half of the table. For example, in a train, on a table, driving, or doing something with the lights. You can use your imagination.”

Some of the signs are concerned, he is clear: “Get your best crockery out of the cupboard. Or to borrow the if you most of the day. There may be a small piece of the board, once and for all. And that is exactly unique. That’s true, of course, is not for the new plates.”

Whether or not a table setting?

A table setting is not necessary, but it is possible according to the two experts, to be useful to some people, just not side-by-side. For example, if you have a brother and a friend together, just about football and can talk about it, or if you are grandpa, your little cousin is too busy to find.

“Also, please make sure that you do not have any busy or quiet people to one another,” says Van Leggelo. “Try to figure out how to get to the evening to get through it together. Mid-iridescent, as beautiful as it is, it is also to be recommended.”

“Take a picture of the dish, but it does not elaborate on the Instagram.”
Anne-Marie van Leggelo-van den Berkmortel, etiquette expert

An unwritten rule of the official dinners is that it is not about politics or religion will be discussed. “There are only arguing that this Spanjersberg. “When people would start to say, just that we are better not to be able to have it. Now it’s christmas.”

A phone on the table during the christmas dinner, it’s not for nothing plebsbestek’ as they are called, of course, is also not done. “Taking photos of food now, though, there’s no more to it, but don’t immediately elaborate on the Instagram post,” says Van Leggelo. “There, waiting for you for a while.”

Take a picture of you eating it at the dinner, post a message on social media. (Image: 123RF)

Try to involve children in christmas

So what do you do with your children? They can, however, be so long time on the table to stay there? Have a tip for Spanjersberg, “Put the children at a separate table, and then tell the oldest that he is in control of the table. That’s how it was in the past in our home as well. Children will love the fun of it, and hold it for longer periods of time.”

Van Leggelo to fill him in: “it is also possible to help the children at the dinner party involved in the preparation, but also, for example, by serving on the boards.”

“Please, not in hindsight, out of nowhere, a Little.”
Anne-Marie van Leggelo-van den Berkmortel, etiquette expert

If you want to avoid that, you have a sister in a prom dress on the table and get him into a pair of jeans with holes in them, and be very clear about the dress code. “It doesn’t have to be smart, or right. However, there is a dress code, so if you like to”, says Van Leggelo.

The same is true for the costs, if any. “It is, of course, that you’re along for the dinner, pays for it, but to make arrangements about it. Please not post out a Bit.”

Come on, come on time, and to take an appropriate gift

Furthermore, if you are invited, you are not allowed to come early. “As the host or hostess has probably been busy with the preparations for the evening meal,” explains Van Leggelo out. “And I come up to a quarter of an hour too late.”

If you take a gift for the host or hostess to join, that is, according to experts, as appropriate – pick any flowers. “They must have been in a vase, and the host or hostess should, in any case, not much to do. Because it is all that’s needed to be done.”

Spanjersberg, it would not have a bottle of wine to bring along, but would rather have something originelers, home-made jam, for example. Van Leggelo, you find a bottle of wine, the best you can, but they’ll find a a bottle of champagne or wine street. “That will apply to any court of law. It does not mean, however, that in the bottle the same day opened.”

However, it is not appropriate to have too much to drink at the dinner table, according to the experts, but whether or not anyone is there, it is going to keep it, it is, of course, remains to be seen.

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