Proof in the Congo against to remain on president Kabila

Proof in the Congo against to remain on president Kabila

Photo: Hollandse Hoogte

Hundreds of demonstrators despite a demonstratieverbod the street merged into the Congolese capital, Kinshasa. They carried red cards with a call on president Joseph Kabila to steps.

The mandate of the president runs Monday off, but He makes no motion to leave. The government of the Democratic Republic of Congo says because of financial and logistical problems only in 2018, with new elections to organize.

Critics of Kabila take no pleasure. The protesters were at the university in the capital against security forces. Young activists say to be inspired by the events in Burkina Faso, where president Blaise Compaore after mass protests the field away in 2014.

Many of the inhabitants of Kinshasa seemed Monday morning, already have a advance payment to have taken on unrest. Stores held out as a precaution the doors gsloten. The opposition has many supporters in the 12 million inhabitants counting city.

Also in other parts of the Congo was Monday restless. So fought against a militia in the morning, a prison in the city of Butembo. It came, according to a source within the security services for at least six people to life.

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