Prominent hong kong activist Joshua Wong is on bail is free

The hong kong police Friday, a prominent rights activist, Joshua Wong, were arrested, reports the activist group of which he is a co-founder. He was later on released on bail.

Wong was arrested on his way to the subway. In another part of the city, Agnes Chow was arrested. They, along with Wong led the Demosistō group, which is an autonomous hong Kong would argue. Also, Chow is out on bail, free to.

On Thursday, it was announced that Andy Chan, is a political activist, also was arrested, it is. [It is to be the leader of the banned-Hong-Kong “National” y, who is also for independence.

It’s not the first time that Year, will be held. In June, it came to the activist free after two months had passed, for his role in the Occupy Central demonstrations in hong Kong during the year 2014. Along with nineteen other demonstrators received a Year in a prison because of the disregard of a court order.

The arrest of Wong, of which Netflix is in 2017, the documentary film by Joshua: teen-age united states. Super power was taking place at the time that hong Kong will be the thirteenth consecutive weekends of protests to the gates.

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Organizers say Saturday’s scheduled protest is finished

It is already getting restless in hong Kong after the protests of the last week turned violent were organized. The police department put on for the first time a water cannon at the protesters to drift apart, and for the first time, fired an agent with a gunshot off.

On Tuesday threatened hong kong’s leader that the government’s existing laws will have to go to “the violence and the chaos to a halt”. Critics fear that the authorities, on the declaration of a state of emergency purposes.

The organization behind the protests of the past few weeks, on Friday, announced that they are available for Saturday’s planned event to cancel it. There is no permission for the demonstration was issued, and the organizers were afraid of the violence.

“We always want to have the safety and security of the people into account and make sure that they don’t have legal consequences, will be at a disadvantage when they have an event to participate in,” according to the organization.


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