Profile: ‘Supertalent’ Feis was an example for other rappers

Rapper Feis broke in 2007 with his contribution to You-Niqs number small, Small Boy, and was for rappers as Brotherly and Ronnie Flex is a great example. The 32-year-old rapper, who’s real Faisal Mssyeh was called, died on nieuwjaarsochtend by a shooting.

Had the Dutchman still managed to look to 2019. He wrote on Instagram: “New year, new goals. One of those goals is new music dropping.”

Feis came in the hiphopwereld visit by a cassette tape of his older cousin Mo, he told in an interview with FaceCulture. “That was my introduction to hip-hop. He was obsessed and then I go researchen. And I fell in love with. I then had the age of eight or nine years old.”

The honesty, but also the rawness of the music genre pulled the younger rapper. “The non-played character of some of the music.” Feis began with creating your own tracks, and by the reactions he received from friends, he noticed that he was talented. “At one time there was also a demand for. “When you do something new?’, and the list goes on. Okay, people like it. I’m going to be more to do.”

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Feis worked with a lot of rappers together

After his collaboration with U-Niq brought the Dutchman in 2008, together with rapper and good friend Winne the song Triumph. Only in 2014, his first solo album: Hard on the Outside, Broken Inside. Feis worked together with, among others, Winne, Kempi, Murda Turk, Hef, Sjaak, Appa and MocroManiac. He also participated in the program At Full speed, Ali B, in which he includes a song of the Dutch singer Maribelle covered.

Even before his album released Feis, the EP Built For This, with songs that are not on his album would come out. The special thing about this edition was that he was the EP has sold from his trunk, causing his fans to him and his hiphopteam Ecktuh Ecktuh personally could speak.

According to Jaap van der Doelen, a journalist for the online magazine Hip-hop in your Mug, was the Feis is very approachable to his fans. “Feis always made time for a photo and a chat,” he says to RTV Rijnmond. “Everyone who over the past ten years has been active in the hip-hop is to him a time ran across.” It was also the Dutchman is an example for acts such as Ronnie Flex, and Brotherly, according to Van der Doelen.


Feis – Superman ft. Winne

Rapper died after a shooting on the spot

Feis died during the Old and the New, when he according to the police probably got into fights in a café on the Nieuwe Binnenweg in Rotterdam. Because of the unrest had to be the rapper and his brother and the group with whom they had a fight to the outside. There was shot and died Feis on the spot. His brother is still injured in the hospital, where he despite his heavy injuries on their own strength managed to come.

From the music industry is shocked responded to the death of the 32-year-old. So wrote to Kees the King of Feis’ record label Top Notch that he is highly talented, his sense of humor and how he’s always there for everyone aready going to miss. “Rest in peace.”

Radio dj Giel Beelen said also shocked of the news. “Strength for the close family and friends. A loss for the Dutch hip-hop.”

‘Even death is not separate'”

Winne has his concert in Vlaardingen, on January 4, will be cancelled. The Kroepoekfabriek, where he would occur, writes that the two “are inextricably linked”, which, in consultation with Winne was decided the concert.

“Even death is not separate. Not on my side, but forever in the heart. Ecktuh Ecktuh, that was always from the heart. From the inside is broken, but from the outside I am hard. Rest in peace, dear brother.”

“Damn what a kutnieuws”, responded to Sticks. “I cherish the memories of you. Share the stage, backstage, raise their glasses and laugh at the Great Minds tour. You’re a stand-up guy and a toprapper. For always.”

According to Ronnie Flex was Feis a “Rotterdam raplegende” and “just a friend”, as he reported on Twitter. “I’m glad that I made you at our last chilling have said what you meant, for me and the whole of the Netherlands. He really was one of the most sincere, sweetest, most quiet and shy, but superdappere persons I have ever met in my life. Long live the Feis.”

Van der Doelen says finally that he had not expected that it would end with the Dutchman. “Feis had a different path is chosen and loaded on the music used. Everyone in the scene is there to be surprised about and piece of.”

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