Profile of His Performance: “I know for sure is that I’m

A poet, a writer and a musician, He Performs on Thursday at the age of 75 and died after a short illness. The eccentric Dutchman told me in the beginning of 2017, that he “believe we can” was.

Performance, which is always clothed in black, and was born in 1944 in Rotterdam, the netherlands. When he was eleven years old, he wrote his first poem, the title to be the one that throws a nuclear bomb, was in charge of.

Performance, it was discovered by the people of Amsterdam, Simon Vinkenoog, who is he, Simon, V. A., ” was. In 1966, he participated, at the invitation of Vinkenoog part of a poëziemanifestatie in Amsterdam, and a few years later, he published his plot, Gloria Satoria.

He is not a fan of the city, suspend Performance never use chairs or benches. In the year 2000 was published as a poem about the city, The condition of Hedel, in which he said, “You’re going to of the but to attend an a n n stinkgracht, in which the whole of the day, which is platboomde barges full of Germans and Americans to over come and drive you to eat out of your mouth to look at them. You are fine with it. I would rather just be dead.”

“The hyperbole of the poem was, but it was still funny”, said the Performance was the beginning of 2017 and on “It was an acceptable exaggeration. I’ve been there at the time, no gelazer with them. That may well have been the case. The toes of the people are now meterslang now.”

In addition to poetry, wrote Performs well for short stories, and essays. One of the most important works of The Dutch Windmill (1980), a biography of the Rotterdam-based boxer Bep van Klaveren.

At the end of the sixties, constituted a Performance with three others, the Rotterdam-based group of Popera, which is in English, and on the music-inspired pop music made at the time. He also had a great love for jazz, and he brought out several plates of the best works from his private collection.

Jules Deelder (75) death: the poet and writer over the years

He Performs with a cigar in leather jacket, with a little note of twenty pounds out of his pocket for it.
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He Performs around zonnebrilletje in the 1970’s.
© BrunoPress

His Performance was in his home office, where the floor is covered with papers and a typewriter on the desk.
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His Performance was read with a sweaty upper lip from his collection of Real World, June 26, 1989.
© BrunoPress

He Performs in, his long leather coat, Rotterdam, the netherlands in 1986.
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His Performance was posing in a schilderijenlijst. Next to it stands an easel with an art image. In 1975.
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He Performs with the black gloves in the opening of a door of a vehicle, may 1996.
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“I’ve really been using what allah has forbidden’

His drug use made it Performance was never a secret. “Everybody’s got to find out what he or she is most at home in. There are people out there who are in to each again to see the doctor walk in. If that’s the reason for it’s existence. There are people out there who do have to be sent in. Yes, they will always be what it was. You may want to postpone it, but you’ll have to go somewhere in the of death to go,” said he, with

Scared to death, he was not. “If you die, you will return to the white light that you get out of them. I have been in my life, anything and everything which God has forbidden. A lot of the things that he does not know that it exists. But, you do not have to dwell upon. When someone asks me if I have to use, I’m not going to lie. But I have to let myself not taking a picture while I was on a schijthuis is to be injected. That the work might be compelling. That guy from the municipal health service in Rotterdam, said a few years back and told me that the junkies in the city, for me as an example. “With this Performance is also done nothing, they would have told you.”

The way in which they care in his or her death, would donate it, I was interested in Performance not. “You will be a lot of people said,” His Performance was, his old friend from me,” he said, with a cynical smile. “Believe that I have already accomplished, and I still have the feeling that I’m a hundred years old can take part. People say to me, ‘You don’t need to think about is that you’re here.” Well, I don’t think so. I know that for sure.”

In the car and His Performance: I have used drugs, who does not know God

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