Profile Dick Bruna: ‘It’s in my nature to love to draw”

Profile Dick Bruna: ‘It’s in my nature to love to draw”

Dick Bruna was ever destined to be a businessman, but he gained international fame as the spiritual father of Miffy. And all was to make money, not a starting point, rich was he. “I’m probably always a little boy of four remained.”

His father wanted that Dick publisher was, and sent his son to Paris to learn the trade. There was the youthful Bruna, especially in museums around and he came in contact with the work of such painters as Picasso and Matisse.

Also The Style of Piet Mondrian and Bart van der Leck was a source of inspiration. The strong use of colour and geometric shapes spoke to him and formed the impetus for his later career as a draughtsman.

Once back in the Netherlands he took drawing classes at the Amsterdam art academy, but he loved it after a half a year. Eventually gave father Bruna him his first assignment: creating a cover for a book. It was the first of over two thousand folders that Dick Bruna made for the Black Bears-pockets of the publisher A. W. Bruna.

He covers for the books of writers like Georges Simenon and Havank. When all featured his work, characterized by simple shapes.


In 1955 saw the little rabbit Miffy was born. The booklet proved to be a revolution in the kinderlectuur. For the first time enabled the young children to ‘read’.

Miffy showed toddlers the space for the imagination and showed them the animals in cheerful colours. The four-line rhymes were fine in the hearing, the format was handy and the execution solid. The permanently on display proved perfect voorleesboekjes.

Still beat the firm booklets in the beginning. In the early sixties, got Miffy finally fixed leg on Dutch soil. The sale went underway and soon went into the books as the sweet rolls on the counter.


The booklets are now available in dozens of languages, including South African and Arabic. Miffy, who blurs the boundaries usually Miffy is called, is in Japan, even a kind of national hero. Worldwide, there are over one hundred million copies sold. This include the permanently on display-books to the most translated books in the world.


Why people in other countries absolutely love Miffy

In the nineties Bruna a number of literary awards. In 1990, knew the Kinderboekenjury him a Golden Brush in for Boris Bear. In 1996 he won the Silver Brush, and the following year he received a Silver Granger for Lieve oma Pluis.

In 2000, the work of Bruna a fixed place in the Central Museum in his hometown of Utrecht. In 2006, here in a part of the building the Dick Bruna House was opened. In 2016, its name was changed into Miffy Museum. In 2015 in the Rijksmuseum, an exhibition about Dick Bruna and his work.

“It’s in my nature to love to draw. I think it’s fine as a drawing kind happens, if he makes people laugh. Earning money is never a starting point for me,” says Bruna.

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