Professor who is to blame ‘Trumpism’ for Las Vegas bloodbath dismissal

George Ciccariello-Maher, a far-left professor at the Drexel University announced his resignation on Thursday, claiming the harassment of conservatives makes his position untenable.


A far-left, a Drexel University professor — known for making inflammatory remarks on social media — that is, the dismissal from his job as a teacher, blaming right-wing “internet mob” for alleged “harassment.”

George Ciccariello-Maher, a professor of politics and global studies at the Philadelphia school, which leaves next year, he said in a statement Thursday.

He blamed “the right-wing, white supremacist media and the internet gangs” that allegedly harassed him for nearly a year.

After December 31, 2017, I will no longer work at Drexel University.

— George Ciccariello (@ciccmaher) December 28, 2017

“The stay at Drexel in the eye of this storm has become detrimental to my own writing, speaking, and organizing,” he wrote.

The professor had more attention for a series of inflammatory comments. Most recently, he was placed on administrative leave, after he blamed the Oct. 1 Las Vegas massacre of 58 people on the “story of the white victimization” and “Trumpism.”

A boy gave his first class seat for a soldier in uniform. People are thanking him. I try not to vomit or scream about Mosul.

— George Ciccariello (@ciccmaher) March 26, 2017

In another instance, Ciccariello-Maher in March said that he wanted to “vomit, or scream” after seeing a carrier of passengers to give a first-class seat to a U.S. military service member. On christmas Eve last year, he said that he wanted for the holidays was a “white genocide.”

The constant controversy created a backlash for the university prompted an investigation into the professor’s behavior after donors began to rethink their partnership with the institution.

The university provost allegedly wrote Ciccariello-Maher that “at least two possible major donors to the university have withheld previously promised donations”, while a number of prospective students reversed their decisions to attend Drexel.

In the announcement of the resignation, Ciccariello-Maher said: “we are at war” and accused the conservatives of “focused on campuses with thinly veiled provocations disguised as free speech.”

He added: “In the face of the aggression of the racist Right, and impending global catastrophe, we must defend our universities, our students and ourselves by defending the most vulnerable among us and by our campuses unsafe for white supremacists.”

Drexel previously defended the professor’s right to free speech, but stressed that his views do not reflect those of the institution.

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