Professor of: ‘a Thick scarf and a hat to wear, it is not necessary, when it is really cold’

A small comfort for those of you who have a hate on for the winter and it is cold, it is good for your heart and blood vessels. You have to consume more energy, and that it is up to the kerstkilo’s.

It is not necessary to be always in a thick scarf, a woolly hat, and gloves to be worn when you are in the winter and goes outside, sets, Wouter van Marken Lichtenbelt, a professor of Ecological Energetics and Health at the University of Maastricht in the netherlands. “And, also, the thermostat in your house does not have a constant of 20 degrees celsius.”

His research group is doing a years research into thermal regulation. “If you’re cold, your body will use up more energy. To be a part of it is caused by shaking,” he said. “But even if you’re going to tremble, your energy consumption is a lot higher. Up to 30 per cent, in fact.”

And you will notice, according to him, a little of that. “It will be less uncomfortable than a score.” In fact, mild cold, get used to it, found a Van Marken Lichtenbelt. “If you find yourself regularly to cold to expose it, you will find that you actually quite comfortable.”

“A variation in the ambient temperature, it is healthy for the human body.”
Wouter van Marken Lichtenbelt, a professor of

So good news at a time when more than half of the adult Dutch citizens are overweight and the associated health problems, such as diabetes, heart and vascular diseases. “We are going to eat too much and burn off too little of it,” he said. “We try to have a different take on energy consumption is also in the fight against obesity.”

Brown fat acts as a heater

So they came to find out, which fabric plays an important role in the accelerated combustion: brown fat. Van Marken Lichtenbelt: ‘in contrast to white fat stores, brown fat is not just fat, but it may be the right fat to use to make heat, to make. Brown fat is, we have a lot of extra heat without shivering. At the time to get used to the cold, take the brown grease.”

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The professor suspects that even when it’s cold, the muscles and the liver play a role in getting a healthy metabolism, but this has not yet been scientifically proven.

“What we do know is that it is a variation in the ambient temperature, it’s the healthiest for the human body, it is,” he says. “You’ve got to warm it, then there will be more blood flow to the skin. In that way it leads to your body in the heat. You’ve got to be cold, then the opposite is true. The blood vessels in the skin constrict and the blood to pull himself back.

If you work out of your blood vessels

These changes will require quite a bit of the heart and blood vessels, according to Van Marken Lichtenbelt. “And that is good. You work out, as it were, of your cardiovascular system. Additionally, there are indications that this is also our suikerhuishouding, insulin sensitivity improves.”

He recommends that the house and the temperature varies between 17 and 20 degrees celsius, and you are outdoors, a little less warm to wear. “You shouldn’t overdo it, of course, but a little bit of a cold, no-one has gotten anything. Except, therefore, for a better metabolism and a healthier body.

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