Professor: ‘Loneliness is when you release the button, not on a christmas card or a christmas dinner’

Loneliness has been a hot topic, especially at this time of the decembergezelligheid, and family get-togethers. How bad is the isolation in the Netherlands. And what can you do? Eight questions to professor Theo van Tilburg, the netherlands.

It is sometimes spoken of as a epidemic, if it is for the loneliness will go. Is it really that bad?

“The term epidemic suggests that it is a community-wide outbreak going. And that is a problem at this time. But that’s just not true. Loneliness is as old as time.”

Now, We’re not lonely than you used to?

At the individual level, it is likely to be lonely, to be in the last thirty years have, indeed, increased. That is what we have at the university examination.”

“Of those Over 55 feel it is in the year 2019, not lonelier than their peers, when, at the beginning of the nineties, with the investigation.”

Creation of social media are not lonely?

“That’s what people say. However, it is not necessarily true. Or the solitary makes it will depend on the manner in which you have the modern techniques that can help you make your way to the channel.”

“A lot of people are, thanks to social media, less lonely.”
Professor Theo van Tilburg

“A lot of people are, thanks to social media, less lonely, because they are easier to use and more people to be able to communicate at all.”

It Is loneliness, then it is not a big problem?

“Sure it does. It is no more of a problem than it used to be. Our research has shown that an estimated 30 per cent of the population is at least ‘moderately lonely’ is. As for the 75-year period, the proportion of people who are strong are lonely’ feel to it.”

“That makes sense, and in this age there are many a partner, and friends. And the risk of health problems and a reduction in the performance becomes larger. This means that people in need of help, and the grip on life a little, get rid of it. This means that the chances of a person.”

Loneliness is not a problem, but it is no more of a problem than it used to be. (Photo: Thinkstock)

Loneliness is as unhealthy as smoking is, it is said. Is that correct?

“I think so, yes. Loneliness causes that lead to chronic stress. She has a long-term negative consequences for the mental as well as physical health.”

“Estimated to have reduced the loneliness of the life, from the age of four.”
Professor Theo van Tilburg

“Due to stress, sleep, others less. It also affects the functioning of the immune system in a negative way. It is estimated that in the loneliness of the life of a four-year shorter period of time.”

At this time, a lot of things for the lonely and elderly people, is organized, kerstmaaltijden and kerstkaartenacties, for example. Does that help?

“In general, research has shown that many of the programmes of action and interventions that do not work, to loneliness, to fight against them. That is due to various reasons.”

“First of all, there is not, on the lone older within a question is asked to what he himself would like it to be. And it is not considered that the proposed activity fits in with the issue of which is already in place.”

“In the second place, it is to be one-time actions. While solitude can often be a chronic problem.”

Kerstacties at solitude are often one-time, whereas loneliness is a chronic problem. (Photo: Thinkstock)

And that’s when you release the button, not by people at christmas dinner is to ask for, or a christmas card to send out?

“No, no. That does not mean that you should stop, not at all. But it would be even better if the guide were made of a more durable character. The need of people, not only at Christmas, but make sure you at other times, for attention to them. Have a listen to them. Lonely people are in need of substantial contact. This is achieved with a single meal or a single card.”

75Hoe is it the loneliness in the Netherlands.

And activity programs. Help?

“The activities really are a good way to contact you to provide. Better than koffiebijeenkomsten where the lonely elderly people can meet each other. People who have a problem with meeting new people, you can’t expect them to do that during a meeting held at the community center, however, is successful. Among the activities, there is, in any case, a common denominator is a shared interest.”

Theo van Tilburg is professor of sociology at the Vu University amsterdam. He is doing research on a person.

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