Professional footballer Usain Bolt: between hype and dream

The Volkskrant dissects the hype around ‘the field,’ Usain Bolt.

Usain Bolt © Volkskrant

The last couple of weeks diving the headlines again and again in the media: ‘Usain Bolt continues to try it as a professional footballer’ or: ‘Usain Bolt can sign contract with professional club’. Is that really his ultimate dream? Or is it a media stunt? The Volkskrant makes an effort to be ‘Usain Bolt of the professional footballer’ to decompose.

In march was Bolt a guest at Borussia Dortmund, in may at the Norwegian Strømsgodset IF. The sponsor of the clubs is Puma. Like of Bolt. That seems to be now in Australia, however, to join the Central Coast Mariners, which the ex-athlete, a contract will offer. Not because he is such a great footballer. Bolt was already after seventeen minutes swapped in a practice duel of Strømsgodset and Borussiacoach Peter Stöger said that Bolt was ‘still much work to be done’, he wants to succeed as a professional footballer. Coming to the Mariners, has a different purpose. The contract would be financed by a fund that is publicity for the A-league needs to create, as you can read in The Volkskrant. From that game were previously Dwight Yorke and Alessandro Del Piero already achieved.

What about the Bolts on voetbalkwaliteiten? De Volkskrant explains the link to the documentary of Cristiano Ronaldo with the tussenkopje ‘Speed is not enough.” Although Bolt himself not as a sober back, but the ambition is to be a lot of scoring attacker to be, it seems that dream a vain hope. For years he trained his long body in a straight line to walk. An example: Ronaldo sprinted together with the Spanish sprinter Angel Rodriguez. Both of them walked in a straight sprint, and a zizagsprint about thirty metres. On the straight stretch was Rodríguez three-tenth of a second faster, but on the zigzagparcours showed Ronaldo a half-second faster.

What Bolt than lacks? Ronaldo is acting according to the scientists in the documentary on the field, largely unconsciously; he knows even tap to shoot or heads as the light in the test lab shortly after a ball is turned off. Ronaldo operates on intuition, that by thousands of practice hours on the football field is developed. For Bolt, it is too late to have that kind of skills, even at a lower level. He has his crucial early years, after all, devoted to the refinement of his superior sprinttechniek. The grammar of the sprint is in his brain, etched, writes the Volkskrant. The grammar of football will always be a struggle to continue.

But attention has his ‘football career’ for him and Puma, in any case, all however, completed.

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